The truth of the matter

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Posted by Miguel ( on March 11, 2000 at 13:25:53:

In Reply to: Last Dance With Mary Jane...... posted by Dave on March 11, 2000 at 09:02:57:

Many, including docs, forget that those that pay the bill
are the bosses. You paid for his time, thus he works for you.
If he doesn't, don't pay him. It is a simple contract.
Negligence & non-performance. if doc turns the matter
over to a collection agency, then you take him to
small claims. Make sure that you have all your info,
proof and details at hand, even a recording of the
visit. See they suffer from the good old "God Syndrome"
from watching too many episodes of the sitcom M.A.S.H.
See, Docs are nothing but technicians on steroids
with malpractice insurance. They are able to memorize
large amounts of info and somewhat put it together to
make some type of diagnosis. If the diagnosis is wrong
it usually is not their fault, at least according to them.
It is the fault of the patient for provinding "inacurate"
or false information, otherwise called "symptoms".
There is never a wrong decission made by docs, cuz they
ain't humans...they are Gods, remember...God syndrome?

You want useful info? go to the library, just like
thousands of scientist, the guys with the facts and data, do.
Learn the language of the scientists so you have a better
grasp of what the available material tells you. I think that
together we will find some help. It is just a matter of
patience, time, politics and money, just like everything else.
Why should CH be different?

Is there a cure, nope (at least he is right on that one).
Will there be a cure within our lifetime? Possibly.
Will you or I go through a few more episodes before
something that half-ass works comes to market? Likely.

Just the facts bud, hang in there and keep doing your research.
With every attack someone else gets, I get one more
reason to find a solution...because I get them too :)


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