I do not have headaches!

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Posted by Elaine ( on March 13, 2000 at 15:34:57:

I have pain in one side of my face and temple. The pain is so bad I could ripe my whole face off and I think I would feel better. When this pain comes my teeth my gums my nose and my cheekbone and my eye oh my eye hurts so bad. Its in my head but its not a headache!!! I have clusters and I don’t care what doctors or anyone else says. I will not call my Cluster a headache.

Do I care about people who have headaches, I care about people who have any kind of pain, physically or emotionally. I don’t relate to all the different kinds of pain. I can relate to people with cancer, I can relate to people who have migraines, I can relate to having a baby, lost of a loved one ect….. The reason I can do that is because I have been there. I know what it is like to be hungry, scared, and alone. I know what its like to be abused. There is a lot of pain I can relate to and there is so much I can not relate to. I feel for people with any kind of pain.

I do not get pissed off at people who come here with other pain than clusters. I don’t get mad if someone post they have migraines. What upsets me is when the person who has migraines post to someone who is asking for help with a cluster. Migraines and clusters are two different things! I hate to hear someone say we all have headaches cause people who have clusters do NOT have headaches! OK say you were asking about what treatment to use for cancer and a guy with heart problems answered your question, and he never had cancer. I think you might get upset. Say your child died and I said, “ I know how you feel.” I would be lying cause I would not know how you feel. I have never lost a child to death. When people say this board is no good ect…. Please look at things in our eyes. Now if that same migrainer posted I know how you feel that WOULD upset me cause he/she does not know. But if he/she posted I am sorry to hear about your pain and hope you know you are in my thoughts then that I can except and appreciate.

I like everyone on this board migraines and clusterheads ! I have many friends here. I hate to see anyone put this board down or OUCH in any way shape or form. I have high regards for the people here. I have high regards for the man who built this site DJ. I have met DJ in person and can tell you he is one of the dearest people I know. I know why he made this board and I know what a heart this man has. When someone comes on the board and tries to tear down what this man built I take my stand in defending it. When you cut this board down you cut down the people who helped me live with clusters and not take my own life. So if you don'’ like me for taking up for this board that’s OK, but I am going to do it.

For the newbies that don’t know me ! I tried to take my life twice in the last year! One time I did not post I just did it. Came close to ! There was a night I posted and friends from this board were up all night with me. When I had a stroke a few weeks back the board stopped some people prayed some had me in their thoughts. My God heard these people and my family and I lived. I am not like I use to be but I lived, I can breathe air and laugh and cry. I HAVE MORE TIME TO SPEND WITH MY CHILDREN! I will always believe in my heart that this board was my lifeline. If you attack the board or anyone who is on this board expect me to take offense.

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