Ranting and raving in the key of C#

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Posted by FREEk ( on March 13, 2000 at 16:03:13:

Can't I have just one complete, pain free night - where I can get real sleep, real rest, real peace of mind, real relaxation, and feel no pain, no aches, and not hurt?
Why can't I lie my head down for a significant amount of time without getting super slammed? Why does it seem everyday is nothing more than one big clusterf#@k with sprinkles of normality in between? Why do I have the desire to get a drill out and put about five holes in my head around my temple?
Why doesn't Anita Bryant peddle orange juice anymore?
Why do people come here and talk about how worthless this site is? I have never been to a viagra website, and if I did go there, would I post how worthless it is - just because I don't need the stuff?
Why do people need to threaten others via email? Are they too big of chicken flavored assholes to take on someone who is not currently available offline? Why are people so afraid or offended of the word 'asshole'? Are they one? Why is it that people are so easily offended by so many trivial things? Is it possible they have never experienced a CH before in thier entire life? If they had, they would welcome the periodic rant and rave, as opposed to hearing on the news about the guy who "claimed to suffer from a rare condition known as CH and, since he had no way to deal with the loneliness, anger, rage and despair - he walked into a seven eleven and mowed everyone down with a semi-automatic." Or the guy who was so frustrated with his doctor that he walked into the office and began mercilessly beating his doctor about the head and face with a crowbar until he was unconscious - and then attempted to revive him with smelling salts and the promise of a half-tab of Vicodin.
Why oh why oh why do people get cluster headaches? And why is that not enough? Why do some people have to portray the role of hemmorroid and be a pain in the ass?
Why is there no justice in this world? Why can't I see a doctor? Why can't I get medicine? Why can't I get relief? Why is it easier to buy pot than to get medicine? Why is our beautiful country of good 'ole US of A the "land of bereaved and the home of enslaved?"
Why is my head starting to hurt again? I just dealt with this two hours ago. Unfreakinfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just in a slight bad mood,

"The crows seemed to be calling him, thought Caw."

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