Let me annoy you another time.....

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Posted by Riccardo ( on March 14, 2000 at 03:30:43:

OK, let me say something else about the board:

I have to start from some fixed points, if anyone disagree these, avoid the next text.

 1st) This board was created and exist for CH sufferers support

2nd) This board is the thing more near a family I never seen on the NET, and hosts many jokes,  dummy
posts and fights, but also a lot of good info

3rd) This board expel automatically (don’t know how!) the “bad” or the “stupid” people

4th) This board contains lot of info for CH “cure”, and these info may be located easily
with the SEARCH command (despite the #2)

5th) This board is so attentive to kick off the “drug for drug” thing. The few attempt to
break the laws are made with a unique target: to fight CH! And with a big
attention from the writers.


All the friends and colleagues that have taken a look on this board never said me: “what
a stupid and unuseful people!"
. All said: “what pain in it, and what compassion, and what help”, at least someone said: “what strong people, despite the pain, they also are kidding”.

And this help me, and confirm my idea of the “Family”, where we can (and have to) laugh, make jokes, be sometimes upset, but generally help each other.

If sometimes appear a person that shout “what a mass of stupid here!” there are only 2 possibilities:
first, this person leave us soon, second, this person catch the spirit (not alcohol!) of CH, and stay.

If sometimes appear a person that shout “here the universal cure for CH!”…there are again 2
possibilities: first, that person disappear soon, second, this person makes us laugh, and this is good.

 The most people here perfectly knows the big difficulties to deal with CH, and knows the difference
between a chronic and a episodic. All in pain, but some more than other. And is the same KIND of pain. Level and time changes, but the KIND remain unchanged.

Then is not too good to say “My pain is different  than your”. We can say my meds, tricks and other devices to low the pain are different.

 Then, please, let’s try to avoid to exceed in upsetting, attacks and “bad words”. Is not helpful,
sometimes we have to ask for excuses. This don’t mean that we have to be ever calm and cool. Our pain cannot let us to be so. But count to 100 slowly, only to avoid immediate atomic explosion that could be a fart after....

I hope that this board will continue in the time, over all problems and after the discovering of the cure. I feel you all friends, and I hope in the future to meet you all. That will be the beautiful day of my life.

Love to you all

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