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Posted by Elaine ( on March 16, 2000 at 20:39:38:

In Reply to: Life after death, does anyone know for sure? posted by NickD on March 16, 2000 at 07:37:16:

I want to answer your post in the only way I know how.
I believe with all my heart in my God! I believe in what I have been taught about my God, and I believe in his word the bible. I believe every bad thing that has ever happen to me was not Gods fault most of it was mine. God gave me a brain and itís my responsibility to use it. I picked abusive husbands, I knew it before I married them. They showed me signs I just didnít want to admit it! God did not do that to me I did. Then there was the fact that I picked the wrong doctor and was missed diagnosed for years myself. Now I was part blame cause I didnít know how to explain the damn things. The doctor as all doctors donít have all the answers and I would not want their jobs trying to keep informed on all the new drugs that come out everyday. I donít think doctors are bad they just have to much to keep up with. I donít blame this on God either!

I had a grandchild that was killed I do not blame that on God I blame it on the boy that killed her. He was mean and selfish, I blame that on his mother who never had time for him. I donít blame it on God.

I had cancer do I blame that on God no again I blame that on me I smoked and did all the wrong things it was my fault.

I had a blockage in my neck, again I smoked and the food I ate caused that not God. I had a stroke during surgery and again had I taken care of myself it would not have happened.

I am chronic and Cluster nine times out of ten is something that I cause myself by something I eat or smoke LOL! What ever it is I am sure Gods not to blame. I call it a demon I tend to blame it on the divil!

God gave us brains and how we use those brains is up to us. He gave us a body his temple and how we take care of that temple is up to us.

All of my suffering has taught me something, I have deep feelings for others in pain. I have learned to take my time in making major changes in my life. I have learned I am someone and have the right to be treated as such. I use to blame God cause I felt as if I was nothing and I let people make me feel that way. Guess what it was my own fault again not Gods. I gave up and said they must be right. I woke up and saw I had things to offer people and this world and I was someone.

Now is there life after death I believe there is and I believe its going to be wonderful. I have never seen the light at the end of a tunnel but I have seen my grandmother and granddaughter. I saw them when I had my stroke they are both dead. Yes I believe there is life after death.

I think people should believe in the devil and blame him for some things ! There is a devil and he is behind all evil not God!

I am not one to post my believes but you asked and I am doing the best I can to explain it!

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