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Posted by Piper ( on March 18, 2000 at 00:10:12:

First I read my e-mail when I got home from work tonight
then came to the board to see what was new. In my e-mail I
was solicited by Dr. Sensenig to recieve his new book (I assume since it didn't say if
it was a book or newsletter or what) and maybe be lucky enough to try new
products for migraine sufferers. This aggravates the hell out of me.
Is he a real Dr.? I am asking you guys since I have not heard of him before. And if so
wouldn't you think if he was he would know the difference between a migraine and a cluster? That being the case
why did he e-mail me? I am listed on this board as a cluster sufferer. I have paid dearly to find this out.
I realize that anyone can e-mail anything they want when you post your e-mail address. I have recieved about 6
solicitations from companies whom represent a product for migraines. Supplements, nasal irrigators, Sinus medications etc..
I wondered if others here have as well and I just don't hear about it.
Then I read the MSNBC article. I thought it was interesting that the author chose to use the words for a migraine as the "Just shoot me" headache.
And was given 6 paragraphs of discription while our cluster did get discribed as the most intense and severe of the headaches. I personally
don't think intense or severe really gives a good definition of a cluster. I think "I will blow my own head off" pain better desribes a cluster.
Or "Would someone please crush my F****** skull in!" puts a good visual on it.
And how many of us have had the dreaded threat of "It could be a tumor, we need to rule that out", I understand that that certainly could be a possibility,
and self diagnosis is not a good idea. I would really like to know how many tumors are found and how many are clusters.
I guess I am just senstive to this being played off by people who think it is just a headache.
Yikes!!! How are we going to make these people understand? Sorry if I let too much off. I couldn't help it.

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