Some procedures I don't like at all.

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Posted by NickD ( on March 21, 2000 at 12:00:59:

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proctological exam, sent me to this large room cubed off with a draw curtain, a exam table, and a toilet, must have been 50 such stalls, got three enima's and the sounds in this room were disgusting to say the least, finally my turn to be wheeled in, got the air hose up the you know where and swore my stomach and intestants were going to explode, everything clear, but did not feel like eating for a couple of days.

Another one after I broke my shoulder was having my arm shoulder joint pieced with a long needle, that wasn't bad, but then they pumped in air to expand the joint for an x-ray, rotator cuff, they called it, with torn ligaments, the pain was unsettleing.

MRI, have a seveved PCL in the right knee, was strapped down tightly that caused charley horses and jammed in that long narrow tube, almost over, but then their darn computer crashes, oh just a few more minutes sir, try and relax, another 45 minutes in that horror chamber, then I finally got out.

Head to toe Nuclear scan, stapped to a cold table, maybe not so bad if well, but also shortly after my accident, the dye was sickening, wanted to throw up, that took control, unfortunate to get one of the older scanners, was on that table for four infinitely long hours and had to stay completely still, or they had to do it again.

I had all four of these procedures within two weeks, had a new name for my clinic, the Marshfield Torture Clinic.

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