Some stuff about sod.

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Posted by NickD ( on March 21, 2000 at 22:38:01:

In Reply to: I come seeking knowledge posted by Cranpain on March 21, 2000 at 19:40:52:

Sod farms generally use animal manure that is not completely decomposed, the emissions associated with decomposing manure are hydrogen sulfide gas, methane, ammonia, chorine, and a couple of other lessers. These are classed more as irritants rather than allergens, I likewise had CHís triggered by laying sod but after a couple of days the surface aired out and was no longer a trigger, more conscientious farmers are aerating their manure before spreading, but most just dig a hole and pour the stuff in there, this is awfully potent stuff after it dies there for six or more months.

I had the allergy scratch test, 220 if I properly recall, only beer and ragweed showed negative, doc said donít drink beer, I said, I donít like beer, it makes my nose run so I donít drink it, he said, I donít care if you like beer or not, just donít drink it.

Allergens, particularly rag weed in my case, (I donít drink beer, it makes my nose run), causes my nose to run excessively and can even break a CH cycle, irritants cause the emission of that rock hard histamine, and I swear my nose is constipated that leads to severe swelling of the nasal passages, nose, eye, and ear pain, well more like someone driving a railroad spike into my eye and letting it come out my ear. Allergens are easy to filter out, irritants are difficult to filter out due to their fume nature, activated charcoal seems to be the filter of choice, but so far, outside of systems used in nuclear submarines, I have been unable to locate one for my central heating system. Ozone is yet another trigger, plus combustion byproducts, particulary wood burning and diesel truck exhaust, HCís are not to bad, but I think with manure, there is a combination of toxic fumes that to me is quite potent, I never found a worse trigger than liquid manure. Hope this helps. Nick

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