Another night shot to hell...

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Posted by Todd Owen ( on March 21, 2000 at 23:07:41:

Just got home from another day/night shot to hell. Finally had to go to the urgent care clinic last night to get a dose of Demorol to allow me to make it through the night. Of course I got to listen to the doctor/nurse swap comments on CH:
N:"I've heard of migraines before, but what are clusters?"
D:"They're like migraines, but they hit in groups. I guess Oxygen therapy is used for it."
N:"So how often do they hit?"
D:"I guess they hit several times a day, for up to a couple weeks. I never heard of them hitting for more than two weeks before."
I didn't hear much of the rest of the conversation.

Went to see the neuro today, had been feeling ok up until about five minutes before she came in exam room, and then I got nailed with a bad one. Made my way through it, the neuro wants me to try a new med to break the cycle, fine. Then helps me out by giving me some of the Imitrex sample injectors she has!!! Cool, free Imitrex!!! Take one shot as I'm leaving to try and break the headache. Doesn't do much, but I go on through the rest of the day without the pain getting too bad (about a 5 or 6).

Shortly before the end of the work day, the beast hits me hard. Two by four pounding a red hot railroad spike into your temple kind of hard. Fight it off as best I can, end up giving myself another injection of Imitrex as I leave for home.

I called the neurologist on the way home as well as my family doctor. The page to the neurologist gets answered first. Tell her that the pain is getting bad and I don't know how much more I can take. She tells me to go get another shot of Demorol, that if things don't get better tomorrow, we'll try a course of steroids.

My wife took me to the urgent care clinic the minute I got home. They walked me straight back to a room while my wife checks me in. After about fifteen minutes with nothing going on, I realize my right side is going weak and my face is starting to slide. I call out for a nurse, who shows up after a minute. She recognizes me from last night, and that sparks off a great discourse!

"What are you doing back here?"
"It's getting really bad again. Could you tell the doctor that I think I'm having a TIA?"
(Yes, I've had several TIA's before, one AT the ER which put me in the hospital for five days)
"You can't be having a TIA. That's like a stroke. You have a headache. Are you having a headache or a stroke?"
"Listen, I called my neurologist, you can call her and let the doctor talk to her. She told me to come in here and get a shot. that if..."
"There probably not going to give you anything. If you're really bad you should have gone to the ER. You were in last night though, they probably won't want to give you anything."
"Call my neurologist, she is the one who told me to come in to here tonight..."
"Your neurologist isn't going to treat you tonight. The doctor here is and it's their license on the line for giving you stuff, not the neurologist. So they're probably not going to give you anything."
"Listen, could you just tell the doctor..."
"Has anyone even been in to take your vitals yet?"
"No, but..."
"Well, we'll get someone back here in a minute to do that." And with that she takes off.

Five minutes later I walked out. I had sat there long enough to decide that I was truly pissed off and was not going to let these morons get their grips on me. My wife was already pissed about being told three different stories about whether or not she could take the kids off to get fast food to eat while I was treated.

I got home and took plenty of Stadol and my pain level still hasn't dropped below a 7. I'm truly pissed off and in pain. My wife is ready to file a f---ing lawsuit against these idiots she's so pissed at the way they've dealt with me, and I don't blame her right now.

Hoping for the pain to stop soon,
Todd Owen

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