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Posted by Carl D ( on March 23, 2000 at 20:29:22:

Well, after 'freeking out' on the board this morning, and then coming back and reading it (again), I don't know what to say (This sucks). I like to think I am pretty level-headed (yeah,right), and that I have control of things (bowel movement). Sometimes (all of the time) the pain just gets to me (medieval). I don't know what got into me (demons). Sorry if I freaked anyone out (wuss). Called my doc back again today (the devil), and the receptionist claimed to have clusters too (lying wench). She said that esgic was the strongest(weakest) thing they could (would) give me for the pain (inhumane torture). I remained calm (blew my stack way high), and told her that I have used stadol and it did nothing(got stoned) for the pain.

I try to control my language(bullsh, but lately (24/7) I have been slipping (20 words or less a minute). I pray (scream to God in agony), that things will get better (bombs will drop), and these clusters (micro-miniature cuban-born chinese circus midgets) will stop(partying on my eyeball) soon. I have had three attacks (torture tests) since this mornings attack(cranial whack). These 3 were not as bad (as having your eye pryed out with a fork) as the one this morning. Still (and evermore), I am tired (understatement) and wish I could get some sleep(2 month coma).

I want to thank each one of you for being here for me(where are you going) and putting up with me(dreading to open a post from me), and thanks for the encouragement to face yet another day of hell (Martha Stewart living). I am still shadowing(temple is being drilled into), but not as hard(as a tireiron upside the face). I will try to contain myself(Psycho ward) a little better in the future on this board(sit on my hands). Just wish my doctor(satan) could understand(have fifty attacks himself) a little more. Maybe he would be(dead,cuz he couldn't take it) a little more compassionate(less amused). I have to find a new neuro(super quack) as soon as possible(Yesterday), so I can get this under control(deleted forever). That way I can get back to having a normal life(hot sex).

Carl D

P.s. - seriously, I'm doing a little better than this morning, which, at the point I was at - freaked myself out. These things have driven me to the edge far more than I would have ever imagined possible.
Thanks for putting up with my ranting & raving.

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