This was in my Newspaper today.

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Posted by drummer ( on March 25, 2000 at 12:45:36:

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I'm also concerned with the doctor's perception of certain people's "doctor bashing". I'm fairly certain that doctors are human beings just like patients are human beings. Of course, some doctors have really, really large egos, but I have also met some patients with really, really large egos too.

Anyway; I believe that the doctors and the patients are doing the very best that they can.

This letter was in my Newspaper today. The letter is from a patient and was sent to a doctor. I thought it was very kind of the doctor to respond to the patient.

I have no idea if there is any 'racy language' contained in either letter. I have no idea what 'racy language' is. Besides; who would judge 'racy language'?

Anyhow; here's the letters:

Dear Dr. Paul Donohue: My son, 45, has terrible pain from Cluster Headaches. Can you give any advice? Is diet a factor? - E.H.

Answer: Cluster headaches come in bunches, from one to several every day, and often daily for weeks. They then disappear, possibly for years, only to return when a person least expects them.

Stoic patients tell me cluster headaches are the most painful experiences imaginable. I believe them. I have seen people with a cluster headache, pacing back and forth, unable to sit or lie down because of their indescribable torment.

The headaches are usually on one side and are often centered around and behind the eye. The eye on the involved side floods with tears and the nostril on that side drips mucus.

Many cluster headache victims have an oxygen tank at home. Oxygen prescribed by the doctor can often terminate a headache. Ergotamine and Imitrex, two migraine headache remedies, can also be effective treatments for cluster headaches.

People who have frequent cluster headaches often benefit from preventative medicines. Those medicines are like insurance, acting as a safeguard against time of trouble. Lithium, verapamil and prednisone are drugs used to prevent cluster headaches.

The diet-headache connection is a topic that stimulates heated debates. Many cluster headache sufferers are sensitive to yogurt, sausage, herring, avocados, caffeine and alcohol. If people keep a diet history, they might find whether a particular food brings on their headache. -P.D.

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