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Posted by Ghost ( on March 30, 2000 at 19:24:16:

I am new here, but I've been lurking around for months now - like a ghost in the night. Thatís why I chose the name. This looked like a good graveyard to come to.

Some of you are walking around this world dead - full of hate and self-pity and jealousy in your hearts. There are a lot here that really care and are pure at heart. They are the ones that are alive. These people try to give advice from their hearts to the ones who just donít want to listen. Instead, they take offense. The reason they take offense is because they are guilty as hell. Go back and look at some posts:

A post about drinking came up. Everyone knows drinking triggers clusters, but all the drinkers came out fighting.

Then there was a smoking post and all the smokers came out fighting.

Then (the one I like the best) someone posts that the board is for cluster heads not migraineís. (Which just happens to be true, the way I read the stuff at the top of the board) All the migraineurs jumped that person. Nobody said migraine was a bad word. Nobody said migraineurs should be banned or anything. Just that they need to double check what illness they really have.

Wasn't there just someone who was given some good advice that their symptoms didn't fit cluster who did a bit of internet research and learned that they probably have some other ailment that has similar symptoms? Didn't this person rant, rave and attack, only to come back a day or two later and say "Hey! I found all this great info about MY disorder!"? Duh...maybe it makes sense to tell people to go check things out instead of trying to treat their 'clusters' when they have some other problem. This is clusterheadaches.com and not whateveracheyouhave.com, isn't it?

Then the person posts a loving post that is only meant to lift someone's sprit and people who have a hate for the good find a way to twist their words around to mean they do not care. There are the people who try to brighten the board with a little humor, but the people who are stuck in their sad little world just can not stand to know others are laughing, so they try to tear them up.

Let's not forget the new people that just show up out of the blue, and start attacking the old timers. Could these new people be old timers themselves (with new names of course.)? I think so.

Then there are the ones where people use bad words. That brings out all the people who have never said a cuss word or heard one in their life. These are the people that never watch TV or fight with anyone - they must never go outside their house.

Yes, this is a good graveyard to play in - think I'll hang around.

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