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Posted by Trouble ( on March 31, 2000 at 09:56:33:

In Reply to: I dissagree!!!!! posted by Doug L on March 31, 2000 at 06:53:35:

but don't you ever get tired of doctor bashing!

I mean I know there's not a lot of good in them. But hey! They're not all bad! And when one of the few good ones tries to help someone and they tell you guys this do you *have* to diss them?!

It takes some people a long time (and a lot of courage) to go see a doc, so why is it the case that the doc's are automatically wrong......whatever they say?!

The people on this board may be analytical, but they are *not* docs...are they?

That's the point I'm trying to make. When a doc who specialises in neurology or headaches and he tells someone what he thinks it may be, and they come here so pleased to be finally on a route to somewhere (hopefully). some of the people diss what they been told and tell them the doc knows nothing compared to what they know. Now is that right or what?!!

And it'd be kinda hard to not go to messages that don't do that as most do! A lot of people here mean well, and I don't want to diss them. But some of them I think are frustrated docs and this is their way of fulfilling that ambition. But we're people you know, not lab rats. You'd be real mad if a doc treating you at some hospital turned out to be a real estate guy. So what's so different here.

I've lurked here for a while, on the edges and stuff. I see some people really tring to help others just with support and kind words. Like Ghost said, they have a lot of love in their heart. I have a great respect for them. But the others? The frustrated docs, and stuff? They make me worry some, as they don't really know, they're just guessing.

I was told once that no two sufferers of CH or any of the other headaches are the same in every symptom, so how do people here know *exactly* what another one's suffering from? They can't!

So I say if we're here to support each other...great! But to diagnose and say "hey your doc's wrong" or "hey, what you've got aint so important here", is wrong.

CH isn't the only headache. It's bad, Lord do I know *how* bad. But that doesn't mean anyone else doesn't suffer, just cause it's a different headache type or somethin. So don't diss them either. Just tell them to go look for a site for their particular problem. People's problems and people's pain is respective to them. You may think yours is the worst in the world, but so does the next guy!

And I may be a sufferer......but you know what, I aint deaf! So don't shout!


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