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Posted by Margi ( on April 07, 2000 at 11:14:03:

I guess I am still confused as to your need to police, especially since your first post garnered nothing but positive responses and offers of help from Simon, Bob P. (remember him? the one you called a sicko?), etc.
You see, Tracy/Trouble/Evil Twin, when someone posts here with a genuine request for support that is exactly what they get - in large doses, and when they have the confidence to post their email addresses, they will find that their mailboxes quickly fill up with private well wishing. I doubt you realize how much support and friendship goes on behind the scenes here. Or how much "anonymous" work and help is offered without question. I've lost track now, but I know Jonny, Elaine and Bob P (to only name a few) have been "Secret Santas" in making sure people had their O.U.C.H. memberships paid for. You think O.U.C.H. has any money to sponsor these contests? Nope. Those are private NON-TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations from O.U.C.H. members.
When someone posts here in jest, people quickly and happily join in. I don't see a problem with trying to find humour in an otherwise bleak and depressing medical condition and providing a distraction for someone who has little else to smile about. I don't see that by doing so that will endanger my soul. In fact, my soul rejoices when we can make people feel better.
Now, Hub is a guy who has what some people refer to as a "dry wit". He was the one who brought up the issue of offing himself and presented it as somewhat of a dare for folks to tease him about it. Kind of like a "I'm gonna take my toys and go home" ploy. Teasing him about it, calling his bluff - if you will, is exactly what happened. You are representing it like we PUSHED him to suicide, Tracy. Come on.
We, as a group, DO take serious suicide threats VERY seriously and I can name more than one incident where phone calls were made (which isn't easy, finding a phone number from an email address) in the middle of the night to ensure safety, family members consulted to make sure that a threat isn't carried out, ICQ conversations for hours on end to discourage depression and encourage perserverance. A lot of this stuff goes on privately and behind the scenes and is rarely talked about on the board.
I think maybe you need to look more at the good that is done here at, than judge the group by a facetious series of posts. But feel free to post your email address, or if you are not comfortable doing that, email me directly - I'd be more than happy to continue this with you off the board.

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