I'm a loser?!?

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Posted by August ( on April 07, 2000 at 17:30:56:

I was searching some sites one night and came across this post from someone named Loser at Ch.com. The writing of loser and this person is very similiar.

I haven't been here long, but does it seem like there is a person out here that is angry because they feel they are not getting the attention they crave? They are not being included like they may have been at one time. So, to get this attention they come and start"Trouble?"

Doesn't bother me one way or another, but what does bother me is this. When I read first from this person I thought they were trying to get a point across that they wanted to committ suicide and were placing the blame on this board for being callous to them, after the fact that they initiated it. That's emotional black-mail. The other thing that bothers me, is that I became worried about this "Trouble" and wondered if they were suicidal. I don't take much seriously but this is one topic I take very seriously.

So Tracy/Trouble or whoever you are, you are crying wolf to us. You say you don't want suicide to be joked about. The words you write implied you wanted to, then later made it clear you are here to just mess with us. I don't want suicide to be taken lightly. I don't want false alarms be sounded off. That makes it that much harder for the person who really is sounding off alarms to be heard. So go check out multiplepersonalitiesdisordersbecauseI'mbored.com If there isn't such a site, it'd be a good project for you to start.Think of all the fun you'd have intereacting with others with the same interest.

OK I'm done.

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