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Posted by DJ ( on April 10, 2000 at 01:06:50:

You didn't ask for my two cents about all of the stuff on the message board lately, but I'll give it to you anyway...

I realize that the message board is the "life blood" of this site, but does anyone realize that there a TON of other information about cluster headaches on this site? There's medical info, cluster traits, cluster quiz, the Kip scale, The Devil, Imitrex tip, the Water Treatment, where we live, cluster survey, ask DocGreg, DocGreg's new study, Dr. Klapper's questionnaire, the guest book, live chat, THE ARCHIVES, links.......

Those of you that have been around for a while probably have the message board bookmarked and it's the only page you visit on a daily basis. Think about it like you just found the site for the first time today. Go back and refresh your memory about the first time you found the site. You probably started from the main page huh? (

Yes, the message board is a perfect place for those of us who have been around for a while to share information, bullshit, laugh, whatever. Sometimes it's fun, sometime's it's informative, sometime's it's plain stupid. But when was the last time you looked at the guest book? How about the medical page? Do you realize that there are thousands of posts from people in the guest book that NEVER make it to the message board?

Just because the message board isn't going the way people think it should, try and think "out of the box" for a minute.

I know a few things for sure....

1) I still get messages EVERY SINGLE DAY from people who have recently found the site who say "I thought I was the ONLY one who suffered from this". Not because of what they've read on the message board, but because of what WE have to offer "in general". THAT RULES!!

2) When I first put Dr. Klapper's questionnaire online, he got bombarded with so many people filling in the questionnaire in the first 48 hours that he had to open a new email account to keep accepting the forms!! THAT RULES!!

3) DocGreg just emailed me and told me that he's had 150 people fill in his form in the first SEVEN HOURS since I sent the email (to put that in perspective, Dr. Goadsby did his study with 25 cluster sufferers). THAT RULES!!

Bottom line is this... this site DOES NOT promise a cure, but WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!! No matter what is going on with the message board!

Understand where I'm coming from???

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