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Posted by Flash ( on April 12, 2000 at 10:01:02:

In Reply to: Well.... posted by Carl D on April 12, 2000 at 08:19:37:

Yes, it was blotter acid that I used to use before shrooms.

The reason I stopped is that uncooked shrooms are legal here, and blotter acid has a 10 year strech attached.

It is also easier to do some 'real time dosage regulation' - if you know what I mean - with shrooms.

First off ensure that what you get is acid. The paper should glow under UV light if it is. Don't take more than a 1/4 hit, at worst that might give you some giggles.

The biggest danger is that you go into it feeling apprehensive, so I suggest you do some surfing and learn about LSD's relationship with other CH drugs such as ergotamine and methysergide.

What will not happen (hard to believe though it is) is that you get a huge MF headache. LSD is a vascular constrictor, although not a poweful one. From experience I'd say is is as good as a low doseage beta blocker and closing down the blood vessels. So it will lessen any headache.

The vascular constriction property is nothing to do with it's prophelactic property (and that's where it differs from Methysergide). I believe the prevention thing comes from how it is metabolised, and how your body reacts to the metabolates.

The chief active ingredient in shrooms is Psilocybin. Some shrooms also contain Psilocilin. Whatever it doesn't matter since Psilocybin is metabolised into Psilocilin - this substance closely resembles Serotonin in it's molecular structure - look it up on the Net. I believe it's this substance (and ones like it) that are effective against CH.

LSD-25 is an altogether more complex substance, I'm not sure how it metabolises, but I guess it produces simple metabolates with this Indole ring structure, either Psilocilin or something similar. I used to have info on all this but the links keep changing so you'll have to track it down yourself.

Anyway, the upshot is that it's worth a go, and low risk compared with ergotamine or methysergide. If you have tripped in the past then you'll know what to expect, but with 1/4 a hit there wont even be much of that.

If I ever fail to get hold of shrooms (they only come out in Sep-Oct here in Scotland, and I preserve my shrooms raw in honey), then I resort to acid which is available in the toilets of any dodgey bar.

Good luck.

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