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Posted by Jim ( on April 13, 2000 at 12:35:21:

1st of all, I want to thank the many people who sent me e-mail
regarding my original post. They were very encouraging
and supportive. For those of you who took exception to
my post, I understand your feelings.

However, my post represented MY thoughts, and my feelings during
an episode. They were made from observations of the last several weeks, not the
previous 11 posts prior to mine. The post was directed at the board in general,
and does not apply to all... the shoe fits only some...

It may seem a little callous to some that I leave when I am in remission.
But, to be honest, I do not want to dwell on my CH when I am in remission.
I want to forget about them, and go on with my busy life. I am a senior executive
for a large telecommunications company with responsibility for several hundred
employees as well as providing for my family. I do not have the time to
hang around the board like some of you may have. This board is many things to
many people. My heart goes out to all of you, especially those that are chronic.

To my Italian friend... I do not dwell on my CHs. I do not bring my family into
them, nor try to bring people who are close to me down to my
level of depression or anxiety. On the contrary, I suffer alone... I would not wish this on'
even the worse enemy...

I do not view this board as a social board... never have.... but alot of you
do... that's ok... I just expressed my feelings...
people react to criticism in several ways....but..
this is my board as much as it is anyone elses... so I can express
my well as anyone else out there...

I have developed relationships with some that are out here... but I do not
engage them on this board... there are other avenues....
People come to this board for help and guidance... and it becomes difficult when they have to
scroll forever, just for a couple of days worth of posts...

That's all... I do not have feelings one way or another regarding treating the people on this board
as family..... Like I said... people's needs are different for each individual.

While I am in this cycle, I will visit the board frquently,
and will post if I have anything of value to add...

I will e-mail those who I have things to say just to them...and
battle the demon who has been my partner for 26 years...

You don't have to like my opinion, but I would expect you to respect it.
Just like I respect everyone's opinion who posts them on here.
But... It still stands... and any attacks on it will just strenghten
the's not meant to be personal...

I thank God for this site.... and have learned much from it...I know nothing of this
O.U.C.H organization.... I will look into it...

The feelings I have is of empathy, compassion, and hope..That all of us
may one day be free, free forever of he demon that stalks all of us..


Jim Pacheco
Malibu, California

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