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Posted by Elaine ( on April 15, 2000 at 07:51:06:

When I came here I had clusters,I was chronic had been for 20 years, after a month of being here. I had found the medication that worked for me from this board..I found out I had cancer. I was told I had no chance to make it. That I was going to die. I was very scared. The day I got the News I sat in the floor and cried not a person around to hold me. Just me! Drummer and DJ called I cried like I had never cried before. Those two men they let me cry and held on the phone they would not let me hang up. They gave me lots of stuff for OUCH to do to keep me busy to keep my mind off of things.

I was told I could have a operation that would help me. I would not go. One of the members of the board Todd talked to me and let me talk and with his help I made up my mind to go for the operation, Todd never missed a night talking to me on icq. Then I got nervous. I never figured I would live. They also found a blockage in my neck, that made things more complicated. I was so scared I couldn’t stand it. I tried not to let people know, I never thought I would come out alive. The people on this board kept me laughing. My dear and wonderful Margi she talked to me on icq everyday, and kept me laughing. People got to joking with me on the board. The day before I went to the hospital Margi got a group together and we went into a chat room and had a party we joked about all kinds of things, even death. We laughed so hard. It was a going away party and even tho I could not see these people it was one of the most wonderful things that ever happen to me. I went into the hospital thinking my life was over. If God had seen fit to take me home I would have died happy. I didn’t die I lost a part of a lung, was home in 3 days I think, even was able to half way entertain Drummer when he came to Atlanta a couple of weeks later. You know my family kept the board up to date as to how I was doing, the post the email was unreal. We kept the joking going on even after I got home I had to go tho chemo.

Then in Feb I went into the hospital to have the blockage in my neck removed. I did not want to upset the board so I did not post just posted I was going on a trip.
I had a stroke during surgery. My daughter Heather posted a post that is hard for me to read. That I had a stroke and that she wanted to scream. I couldn’t be here for her but the board was, she received so much support. I was on a respirator and not breathing on my own. They did not think I would live. People began to pray for me the ones who did not pray thought of me. The message board came to a complete halt. No body posted they used all their energy thinking of me. No one posted till Heather posted that I was going to be ok. My family watched me get better fast. The doctors say I was a good patience, with a will to live. I say the power of God, love and friend brought me back. When I got home, my home looked like a funeral home there were so many flowers teddy bears and God the email. I received calls from all over the world.I still cry reading the post.

I was also being hit with clusters everyday. The people on this board seemed to know I needed to laugh to keep from giving up and believe me there were times I was ready just to lay down and die. The people on this board gave me a reason to laugh, they made me feel needed and cared about. I liked getting up everyday and coming to the board and laughing, and supporting, and yes even jumping someone when they lashed out at the people who to me saved my life.

The reason I am tell this story is not to let you know what kind of hell I have been through, but to help all understand that a joke or little partying we do here is not a bad thing. Every post be it fussing, supporting, giving information, or a joke or conversation, helps someone. When you open a post ask your self how this post helps. We all come together and fight if we think some one is attacking our home, it’s a natural reaction and it brings us together. We cry when someone here hurts. We leaned a hand or a ear for those who need it. We also make the ones that need to laugh laugh. We tell people where to look for information they need. Think of my story when you open a post! I hope it will help people understand us more.

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