Thanks for posting this Drummer, if I may add my own two cents worth.

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Posted by NickD ( on April 15, 2000 at 10:39:55:

In Reply to: An intriguing article (very long) read at your own risk. posted by drummer on April 15, 2000 at 08:12:38:

From my own observations with the body I got stuck with, I feel that CH's are the result of an overactive body defense mechanism, similar to an induced bateria or virus, the body will respond and fight back with swelling and high fever, I have no knowledge of this mechanism, but wish that research would be done in this area. I feel that an assorments of either man made or natural chemicals are introduced into the blood stream that results in a very mild swelling, in my case in the nasal passages, and a drity trick of nature results in an unrealistic pain, a pain way out of proportion with the actual physical damage, if any, done, CH's can leave just as quick as they come and after they leave, one can function unlike having half of your head physically torn off or blowing away, this way of thinking has helped me deal with these headaches, not going to die, not having a real railroad spike pounded into my eye, just a mild swelling that once when passed would stop that unbearable pain.

My own experience with the current drugs used to treat this condition has been devastating to say the least, the side effects, mood changes, rebounds, either heart pulsations, heavy weight gain, high collestrol count have taken more of a toll on my body than the headaches themselves, I still feel that O2 is a blood flush more than anything else to help rid the body of the offending chemicals, I can goout and start my 2 cycle chain saw, breathe the exhaust and induce a CH in minutes, to prevent this and still get work done, I have invested in a expensive activated charcoal full face make, it comes with 30 different types of filters, and I have to guess which one to use, just due to the existance of such a mask on the open market, some thought must have been put into creating such a mask in the first place.

Like most CH sufferers, I am critized for having this weakness, look at the big baby has to wear a mask because he can't take a little exhaust fumes kind of thing, Using local aids such as coating the inside of my nasal passages with bacitracin or Orajel has helped immensely, putting those over sensitive muceous membranes in either an isolated state or putting them to sleep helps to prevent an uncoming CH, a pain in the ass, but no choice.

I feel that our bodies are way over reacting to what is considered normal impurities even by OSHA or other such standards, maybe our one gift is an acute knowledge of these impurities and forced by severe pain to avoid them so we will live longer lives, I wish research would be directed along these lines, I had every conceivable test done to out rule any other known physical cause, hormone levels, MRI's, nuclear scans, the works, just a little over sensitive to common impurities resulting in a pain way out of proportion with the cause, just wonder what's going on in my body?

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