August........I have to say I agree, but for these reasons..............

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Posted by Tracy ( on April 16, 2000 at 18:32:16:

In Reply to: This is BS posted by August on April 16, 2000 at 12:44:48:

I'm a Londoner born and bred. I moved out to the 'burbs in 1991. 2 months later I developed asthma which has got progressively worse over the years. In fact, I recently found out that 7 out of 10 adults round here have asthma now and 9 out 10 kids. Although I'd suffered from migraines before I'd NEVER had CH, until 1996. I had my first attack and honestly thought I was dying. By that time I'd been living in Surrey (WAY out of London) for 5 years. The only "pollutant" I can think of near us is a mushroom farm. Hardly the waste capital of the world!! But you see the point I'm making about sickness and triggers. It's a tiny mushroom farm, but the spores travel.

So you see, all that time living in "polluted, filthy, smoke ridden London" had not harmed me. In fact I'd always been very fit. It was only when I moved here that my health began to break.

I also feel that the makers of the programme NickD saw, had probably based their entire concept on a few old black and white movies like "Fanny by Gaslight" and "Sherlock Holmes" All steamy, smoky streets and pea souper fogs. NOTHING like the London we know now!! A person's ill health cannot ALWAYS be attributed to their surroundings.

However, I understand NickD's a point. Look it, here is a man that obviously wants answers (don't we all?). Whereas most of us have accepted a long wait for them, if we get them at all, NickD has decided to 'allocate' his own 'findings'. Whilst I DONT agree with them, I see WHY he's doing what he is.

I mean, I'm narked here, it's my country he's attacking and my hometown, but I see the (misguided) reasons why hes doing it. For that reason only I'm accepting he's entitled to his pinions.

I would also like to point out something I may not have mentioned before. The specialist that's trying to help me is Dr. Goadsby himself (along with his Registrar). Both gentleman (and I've spoken to both at length) came across to me as exceedingly well versed in CPH and CH, and are going to extraordinary lengths to attempt to help me. Both are VERY committed to eradicating both CH and CPH from our lives. So I think if I have to take a more 'wacky' (sorry NickD) theory against any they might originate, I'd go for theirs every time.


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