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Posted by Kenn ( on April 23, 2000 at 07:47:25:

This is getting frustrating...system foul-ups.

Anyway,Give me about a couple of days to do more work. I had all of that EROWID stuff bookmarked, but as I mentioned, my AOL did a mess-up on me and I lost weeks of researched data including the specific locations within the Erowid Vaults that pertained directly to pain management and issues surrounding clusters and migraines. Also, those sites change frequently.

Still, the information gleaned from these sites will help in the understanding of the substances we are discussing if you can spare some time to examine it. You are like me in that you want to check out every possibility but have to be stingy with your time.

Anyone sincerely seeking to end their cluster headache dilemma by any means possible would certainly take it seriously if a reputable source were to claim that LSD and related substances can and probably will stop their suffering. Many reputable sources have claimed that very thing. The fact that it is currently illegal or politically incorrect does not change the facts.

As for the fear of jail for trying to alleviate human suffering, that's the reason I examined those site in the first place and why Flash and others are trying to get the laws to change.

I want to add this...I am a fan of yours and of the incredible work you have done for us who suffer these intense miseries. My motives for desiring a change in the drug laws are in their totality intended to be an adjunct to your work.

I'm not a kook (well, not in the normal sense, maybe) and I have done enormous amounts of research for many years on the same subject for which you have dedicated so much of your life.

And to those who have asked me about my religion -- not that it should matter, but it apparently does for some -- My background includes religious training in Christian Theologies and ministries, having attended Bible School, serving as a Sunday School teacher and devoting many years to the gospel music ministry.
To be honest, I am by choice no longer in the ministry, but I am more than ever a seeker of truth.

I find absolutely nothing in my Bible which remotely suggests that what I am proposing is wrong in the eyes of God.

What IS wrong, in my opinion, is remaining ignorant of an issue on purpose. There are some folks who do that and who are very quick to condemn. Thank God you are not like that, as your query about this matter proves. That's another reason I admire you and the others on this site who openly and honestly seek answers.

I plan to devote some time this week to restoring my data base on the headache and pain subjects in the EROWID sites and will gladly post it as I am able.

One more thing...I am always and forever open to correction. So don't hold back if you see me being a jerk or acting stupidly. I've been known to do both.

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