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Posted by Carl D ( on April 25, 2000 at 12:48:54:

I keep telling myself, "Self, don't get too excited...don't get too excited."
I also keep telling myself, "It doesn't mean anything...It doesn't mean anything. It's happened before...It's happened before."

I had an attack at 4:30pm yesterday - a level 4 or 5 which lasted about 45 minutes.

I have not had an attack since!

It is now 11:37am, the next day.

I slept 9 and a half hours!!!!

I will drive myself crazy if I search for too much meaning in this so...I think I'm gonna go outside and play for awhile. I haven't felt this good in quite a while. I keep wanting to believe that somehow, maybe, possibly I am going out of cycle. But I know that I am probably just experiencing a few light days and soon the beast will say "Ok, enough of your fun - hows about some lovin from the brain-frye oven." Of course I could be wrong and maybe this is the end of a very long cycle that just wouldn't break. Maybe it is the boiled egg/pickle combo I have eaten for a couple of days. Maybe it is something in the air. Secret Sauce? Who knows. All I know is I feel like riding horses and chopping wood (knowing me, I'm so lame-brained, I'd wind up chopping me some horses and ridin' some wood.)
Anybody else out there feeling unusually good?

I feel as though I could run down the street buck naked Singing the Rocky theme.
I have learned in the past you cannot do that.
I feel like going to the park - tying ropes in the trees and swinging around like Tarzan.
I have learned in the past you cannot do that.

Hmmm. I guess I'll go for a walk, maybe go to the library.

I feel like dancing, but nobody wants to see that!!!
I can play just about any instrument you hand me - but I dance like a walking stick on nerve gas!

If this is only a temporary break - I want to take full advantage of it for the moment.

The Fabulous furry FREEk

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