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Posted by Dave H ( on April 27, 2000 at 19:18:47:

In Reply to: Thank you... posted by Simon on April 27, 2000 at 18:59:01:

Simon -

I realize that by replying to your post I may be opening a
can of worms that is better left untouched, but it runs against
nature to leave questions unanswered. It is also my hope that
by replying to your post I may avoid any ill will I may have
inadvertantly expressed in my post.

First, as to the my statement that there are undeniably reasons for
believing in the God of the Judeo-Christian faith tradition. I certainly
am not trying to express an apologetic that would convince a committed atheist or
even a borderline agnostic. Rather, I am expressing that I have undeniably felt
God's presence, and call in MY life. I do not at all expect that to be a reason
for anyone else, only those who have had a similar experience.

Second, as to unexplained suffering. By this I did not mean medically unexplained.
What I was referring to was UNJUSTIFIABLE suffering; i.e., there is no reason that
why we experience this suffering and not someone else. I did not intend for my comments
to take the place of medical explaination, only as a metaphysical explaination.

Third, I do not think that this answer leads to resignation to the pain. I think that all
unjustified suffering (e.g., cancer) can be thought of in the same way. In no way do I intend
to put a stop to research that would end the suffering. Indeed, I believe all the more that
it is necessary to do all in out power to put a stop to ALL suffering.

Finally, I wish to apologize if I broke some ban on religious conversation on the Board. Being
new here, I did not realize that one existed. This explaination gave me a great deal of comfort,
amd it was my ONLY hope to provide the same to someone else. If it does not work for you, please
ignore it. If it does, great.

Simon, I would be happy to discuss this further via email if you would like. I do not wish to tie up the
board with a discussion that some find inappropriate.


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