No One Figured it out by now?

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Posted by Carl D ( on May 02, 2000 at 09:03:21:

Well, I guess since we have alot of 'newbies' Here, no one could figure out who this person (dare I give them enough human decency to be called such) who calls themself "Sergant" is. I left a clue, and Paco said "Trouble". Nope, Trouble is from the UK. And someone possibly said Elaine? How dare you! Those who have been here for quite a while should have known just by the way "Sergant" attacked August who this mentally deranged person is. When I read that the IP came from Minnesota, I called a friend who printed up the old "Where We Live" list before DJ took it down, and they searched for a name and helped to confirm my suspiscions.

Of course, I knew right away just by the words she used and how she used them (no mystery). This person has attacked me in the past and, I believe suffers from a mental disorder - could quite possibly even be dangerous. First, she comes here and stirs up trouble, and then will apologize later on. She brutally attacked me a few times on the board, and then tried to apologize By email. I did not respond and still reason that, if you bash someone in private then you should apologize in private; If you bash someone openly you should have the guts to apologize openly. Well, She came here awhile back, pretending she couldn't remember who she had hurt, and left a generic apology to all. I did not respond. Then, She kept badgering O.U.C.H., and trying to question the nature of this organizations existence. She has a Jekyl/Hyde syndrome - possibly induced by a drinking problem or another illness. For some reason, she does not seem to be happy unless she is in her element of belittling or bashing someone on this board. Now she has targeted August and is back to her same old evil ways.
When this person left thier generic 'apology', Drummer asked if I would speak to her again. I told him that, growing up, I learned that once someone has plunged a knife deep into your back, you do not turn around and give them a second chance to do it again. I keep my distance from such psycho's. Still don't know who I am talking about?

It is someone I avoid at as much as possible. The fact that one minute she can act like your best friend and the next just drag you through the mud indicates to me that she is in desperate need of pyschological help.

Still havent guessed who this devil is? Instead of spelling it out for you, I will let her previous handiwork speak for itself.

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