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Posted by Flash ( on May 03, 2000 at 03:47:26:

In Reply to: This site should be shut down! posted by D. Towne on May 03, 2000 at 03:13:42:

1) Some people, like myself are using illegal drugs to control our condition. There aren't that many of us incidentally. If these treatments became popular, there is a danger that this site would become some sort of drug trading center. That would be a bad thing. One of the beauties of this site is that it is completely impartial, even to the extent that it tolerates my rantings on the benefits of LSD!

2) Why are you so offended. Is it the very mention of illegal drugs that has you wound up? Is it normal for a person to get so wound up over something like that? The comment wan't specifically directed at you - I doesn't say "Hey D. Towne don't bring your drugs in here". Does it?

3) I doubt if anyone ever find a cure. If they did it would probably involve the type of brain surgery that is a couple of hundred years away! Get used to it. The best we can hope for is a very effective treatment though.

4) Your "Goody Two Shoes" comment smacks of comiong from a liberal activist. The comment needs to be taken at face value, and perhaps you are a little thin skinned. All it says is that we don't trade drugs. The person that wrote it isn't a "Goody Two Shoes", I know this from 2 1/2 years experience. The person that wrote it, actively operates this board. Every day I rant on about illegal drugs and never has that person deleted any of my posts or given me a hard time. In fact I must say that I am amazed by the incredibly broad minded attitude of ALL the people that come here. I am thankful to them for tolerating my views because I am aware they fall outside of certain social boundaries. (Thanks Everyone).

5) Message is a little ironic, especially around the part on 'sensitivity training', do you see what I mean?

6) If people are turned away by that statement, then that's not a bad thing. In my experience, anyone who is that easily offended usually causes a lot of trouble anyway. This is a support group, not a flame war. I won't be replying to your reply :)

7) I don't think the statement needs toned down, but I would personally agree that DJ could perhaps clarify it a little. Then again I would say that!

Now finally, please tell me one thing... Did typing the last bit, namely "I just goes to show that anybody can put up a web site these days. As a result, this site is a disservice to the
people it is intended to help." - give you a hard on?


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