My turn to vent... (bad words inside)

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Posted by Riccardo ( on May 08, 2000 at 06:50:38:

2 days ago I received a gift (the first time for me) like the Elaine and August cases. Someone that offended me. without any reason given!

I want to be clear: I do not and I will not tell anyone the name of this CHer, because I do not post here for attacks, revenges or for letting you know who is the actor/tress of the offence. I want to share the feelings. And another thing, to avoid misunderstandings: this person is NOT the one that did the previous attacks to others!

The fact: on the chat someone put me in hidden mode, then said to all other partecipants that I'm a FUCKIN WOP. Another person (I thank him, t'was very nice), defended me on line and then E-mailed me, telling me all this).
BTW WHAT IS A F**ing WOP? ANY OF YOU CAN EXPLAIN ME? It's clear to me the 1st word, but the 2nd is not on the dictionaries. I really want to know!
Anyway, the feelings: I always said to Elaine and August and some other persons that kind of offences don't worth an answer, and neither the attention of the victim. Big apology to all you madams..... I'm upset in an incredible way!!!! I SPEAK WELL BUT I DO THE OPPOSITE! Apologies again!

The first feeling was to go to kill this person (but is a bit expensive for the distance....:-) ) the second to E-mail to him/her, asking WHY?. And the third was to choose to ignore him/her (the way I always said to all you).

Yes I did the 3rd (only to be coherent :-) ), but I feel my mouth so bad, as I have eaten a lot of s**t, not due to the offence (on the other hand I have not the exact idea of what concerned..:-) )....
.... BUT FOR THE "Why?" and "Why me?" thing.
I cannot catch why a member (no pun intended!) of mankind could be so strange and un-polite! and against a person that he/she don't know (no one E-mail between us before!)
Obviously, this has not made my day so bad, but I don't like the s**t taste in my mouth!

Sorry to have vented this, but was an uncontrollable need.

And, dear XXXXX friend that have defended me and have said me this, thanks again, you are a great friend!

And, not too dear YYYYY that have made this thing, I'm not wounded, I have only many doubts on your cleverness and kindness. I think anyway that a good neuro may help you, better than clusters (is more easy)

Ciao to you all, and thanks for let me venting this stupid thing

You fuckin' wop Riccardo.....:-)

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