Waitaminute!!!........I'm not alone in this?

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Posted by Rusty ( on May 08, 2000 at 16:02:12:

Damn. I dunno what to say really. I mean, I guess I'm suppose to introduce myself and say a few words (to me, a few words is 10,000 or less....you've been warned), then shutup. But I'm still in a bit of shock having read all these stories from all ya'll about your experiences with these CH's. It's hard for me to believe there's really so many like me out there. At times, I'm certain I'm the only person that could have to deal with these. I'm not sure how to say this, and I certainly mean no offense to anyone, but in a weird way, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Anyway, I'll say this quick, so don't look away or you may get lost. :) I'm Rusty. I'm from Texas (native), and I'm 43. I've suffered with these damn CH things since sometime back in my mid-20's. They only come around it seems every 2-3 years, and damnit if this didn't turn out to be an "on" year. But unlike years past, when they seemed to come on during the winter months (which I attributed to central heat with all the dry hot air), they just began about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks ago this time. Go figure.

Was really bummed since I'd read countless research on CH that suggested a lot of people (some researchers may have suggested the majority) seem to for unknown reasons grow out of them by the age of 40. Well, not me.

But, I am glad to report a few changes this time around. First off, in years past I was a smoker. I was a smoker the last time these struck, which happened to be from Dec 31, 1996 (yea, New Years) until the first week of April 1997. It was a typical bout as all the others, with me having "at least" one attack per day over the duration (neck pain, shoulder pain, sinus pain, eye being ripped from socket, gums and teeth pain, top of head pain, sensitity to light, sensitity to sound, temporary blindness, screaming, crying, walking into things, hitting head against wall, scarfing down a bag of cheetos,.....waitaminute, that's a different problem...and so on).

I quit cigarettes a little over a year ago and what I've seen this time around with the clusters is that although the attacks could be every bit severe as in the past, it seems the cycle may have now run it's course and be gone already, all in the course of 2-3 weeks!!! In the past, they lasted anywhere from 1-3 months.

I still can't explain why this time they didn't appear until well after winter and the central heat, but then again I can't explain a lot of things, so I doubt that's gonna keep me up at night. :)

I'm not sure how active I'll be around here, cause with these things, out of sight/out of mind is a *good* thing. But I'm thrilled to know about this little support group of ya'lls. I've read countless posts by you guys, and while I'm certainly sad to know there are so many of you out there, I feel some sort of comfort knowing I'm not alone. Suffice to say that when I pray for myself, I pray for each and every one of you that someday, there WILL be a cure.

Take care, and nice to meet you all.

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