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Posted by Piper ( on May 09, 2000 at 15:31:13:

In Reply to: Ouch? posted by Joel on May 09, 2000 at 13:07:40:

Hi Joel:
My name is Piper, I am a member of O.U.C.H.. You have a very valid question and
I wish I could make you understand the importance of joining with an e-mail. I doubt
that will be possible but let me tell you why I joined. Up until 8 months ago I had no
idea there was such a place as CH.com. I found it in desperation while trying to find
something new in the field of CHs. I was beyond joy at finding CH.com, here were a
group of people that suffered the same thing as I do. In 15 years of dealing with
these I have never found anyone who knew about these personally. I have been
through the gamut of treatments and diagnoses. I am currently taking Imitrex shots
and they work for me but are very expensive and my insurance does not cover
enough of them to get me through a cycle. Having found CH.com I learned of a way
to extend the shots to make one last three times longer. I also found contacts and
information I could not have found elsewhere. I keep referring to CH.com because
they were the initial contact. After talking with several people and finally becoming
aware of the O.U.C.H organization I decided I needed to join. Many of the same
people who you will see post at CH.com are also members of O.U.C.H., These
people are wonderful. You cannot find a more supportive gathering of people
anywhere, or for that matter that would do whatever they could to help another. If
you are like me at all, the fact that there are more of us than anyone really knows and
who are suffering like we are I would think you would want to be a part of a group of
people who are trying to make the medical profession, the insurance companies and
employers aware of something as serious as this. Think about how you felt when you
found CH.com. I bet you could not believe the amount of information you found.
What did that cost you? I personally cannot do enough. I do not have the money to
do what I would like but I will take every chance I can to expound the virtues of this
place. We are lucky to have found it and I am grateful to be able to say I am on the
ground floor of something that effects alot of people who may not have the resources
to get the help they need. If I can help in any way it is something I can give back for
what I have taken.
This may not answer your questions but I do hope that it gives you something to think
about. Every cause needs numbers to be heard and that is what we are trying to do.
We need you and you do need us.
Please think about it a little longer and check with others you will hear the same thing
I am quite sure.
Being part of CH.com in no way means you cannot also be a part of O.U.C.H., we
are all here.
Thanks for asking, I needed to let someone know this today. I look forward to
hearing from you.

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