If anyone tried to email me yesterday...

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Posted by Carl D ( on May 11, 2000 at 07:44:49:

You may want to re-send it. Some moron at MSN web communities sent me the same email over and over - 387 freakin times!!! Totally overloaded my box and, I'm sure blocked anyone else from getting through.

I am the epitome of tired! It's hilarious in a way. I watched 'Inside Edition' yesterday where they were talking about sleep deprivation and , two staff members had been up for four days straight and were just ranting and raving. All I could think was "Stinkin pansies, try an hour or two every other night - if your lucky - for about a year straight. It plays with your judgement, concentration, and sometimes your mind. I sometimes get to where I can no longer stand it and just pass out from sheer exhaustion, and then an hour or two later wake up screaming!!!
It has it's 'strange' side effects too. I sometimes joke that I am on my "36th wind" (instead of 2nd), as I tend to get hyper and slap happy. I sometimes amuse myself. Sometimes. Other times, I depress the hell out of myself, thinking too much about things and the effects of CH on my life and those around me - who can't deal with me dealing with it! Darn, what a shame!

Yes, if you can't tell, I am in one of those modes now, since I had two attacks since midnight and got zero sleep once more. I am yawning yet hyper, like I just drank a stark-black espresso and washed it down with a double latte with two heaping spoonfuls of crank!

I am hoping my doctor finally calls in the refill on my meds today - I only called it in yesterday morning, early! Maybe that will help me finally fall asleep, as everytime I attempt it, I cannot fall to sleep. I just lie there and toss and turn, kicking my legs, etc. Until I start feeling an attack, that is. Then it's back to the ole' floor to sit and rock and punch some more.

I guess I have dealt with the last couple of days a little better after Sundays 'Super Attack' (if you could call it that.) Right now my head hurts from shadowing (with a bit of tension thrown into the mix), my teeth hurt (just lost part of another tooth last night), my jaw is aching, my neck is sore, and my legs are feeling 'antsy' - but the rest of me is in the pink.

Oh, and as far as the convention goes - I don't care where we have it, as long as we have it! Whether it is in Vegas, Wichita, St Louis, Atlanta, or Drummers backyard! I'm anxious to meet you guys, though some of you are probably not sure about meeting me.
Actually, I'm just your normal, average bald guy, except I have CH and have not dealt with it too well. I'm sure some can relate, while others have no clue.

Really, I am quite normal. If we do have the convention, you might have a hard time picking me out of a crowd, as I would probably just blend right in. Just look for the guy with a bald head and long goatee, pale face, black-outlined eyes and black lips, 6 inch platform dragon boots, Leather - studded wristbands and chains, and a chainmail vest. (Wait, thats not me, thats a guy from "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome".)
I would never wear 6 inch dragon platforms....maybe four inch but...

I need sleep. Can you tell?

Carl D

P.S. - If I do come to the convention, I may bring a guest - a dominatrix named "Miss Trixie Vixen".

Just Kidding!

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