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Posted by Carl D ( on May 19, 2000 at 08:46:58:

Drummer, you've sparked me. I totally agree, we all have to believe in something!

If you believe in nothing, that is a belief in something.

I believe the goodness of humanity can be found where we least expect it.

I believe that love is truly blind.

I believe that people with cluster headaches should get a purple heart for enduring such a pain that can only be described as 'the most inhumane torture known to mankind'.

I believe in Jesus (though not in the version CBS portrayed in thier mini-series; I don't think Jesus ever said, "Father, this is heavy." I also do not believe Jesus ever listened to Jefferson Airplane.)

I believe blue is my favorite color of the spectrum. Black, being the end of colour, my second favorite.

I believe that life is a cheap perfume to the rich, but is a delicacy to be savored by the poor.

I believe that music is the universal language.

I believe that the ideals the U.S. government portrays to it's citizens via the media is like a well polished turd with candy sprinkles - it looks nice but tastes like...

I believe we can hurt others feelings when not intending to do so.

I believe that JFK was killed in a massive CIA cover-up.

I believe in the immortal words of Socrates when he said, "I drank what?"

I believe that Madonna is actually an alien sent to this earth to desensitize mankind (and it is working.)

I believe that doctors should be paid the same rate, no matter how few or how many patients they see.

I believe that pharmacy companies conspire against the poor.

I do not believe that "God helps those who help themselves." This is a man-made saying and, cannot be found in any of the 66 books in the Bible.

I believe that our society does not accept people with disabilities; whether they are supposed to or not.

I believe that the native americans are the 'true minority', and are still being ripped off to this day.

I believe that our system supports discrimination.

I believe that beliefs are good but, one must remember: Facts do not change in spite of beliefs.

I believe in freedom of speech.

I believe that soon our system will find a way to 'edit' human thought, and that our thoughts can be controlled through subliminal media.

I believe George Orwell may have had the dates wrong, but envisioned something that is coming true.

I believe that thoughts can be so threatening to some that, people are actually killed for what they think. The same with beliefs.

I believe 'The Lord Of The Rings' will be one of the best movies of all time (part one coming 12/2001).

I believe Cher should retire.
I believe that people who bash other people for being 'different' are hiding thier own insecurities.

I believe that ignorance breeds anger, and anger breeds hatred, and hatred breeds violence.

I believe that what may be good for one person, may be destructive to another.

I believe that teachers do as much stereo-typing with thier students as the kids do.

I believe that if the parents would actually give thier kids the time of day, there would be less violence amongst children.

I believe that H.I.V., like cancer, does not discrminate, and no one is immune.

I believe that the war against drugs is a joke.

I believe no matter who you vote for, you are only voting one crook out and another crook in.

I believe the only difference between Clinton and Nixon, and the rest of our higher political powers is that, they got caught.

I believe organized religion, and the hardcore church of today, would probably be the first to crucify Christ if he walked the earth today.

I believe in God....

Ten years ago I had serious doubts as to the existence of God. In 1994 I set out to prove the Bible to be fake, and the claims of Christ to be a joke.
What I found is that the life of Christ is more documented than that of Lincoln or Washington put together and, against everything logic tells me - God is 100% real. I believe that anyone who is on a true quest to find out the truth will find this to be so. In 1998, after going through months of being mad at God, he sent an angel into a bar to warn me I was about to die, and didn't care. I would take any pill you handed me, and would wash it down with about ten shots of Jager. I am surprised death did not show up instead of the angel. (This is a long story, so I will spare you all.) I also find it appaling that people try to say the holocaust was a hoax. We have all of the proof we need to prove it happened. If they can try to explain something like that away which happened in our lifetime, how much easier would it be to explain away something that happened 2'000 years ago?
One interesting 'fact' about the Bible: Though it was written by man, everything that was prophesied in it has come to pass with 100% accuracy. I will not go on and on about this; I will just say that the truth is out there to be found by anyone who will seek it out.

I believe that 'The Brady Bunch' were only wholesome in front of the camera.

I believe that if we treated people with the same respect we wished to be treated with, we would find true peace.

I believe that everyone is entitled to thier own opinion - but again, it will not change the facts.



P.S. - I believe I would be dead if not for finding CLUSTERHEADACHES.COM.

I believe DJ should get an award for 'Accomplishment of the Decade!'

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