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Here is a partial list of articles published in Headache in recent years. To retrieve the article, enter the first few words of the title in the "Title" line of the search window.

General Topics
Understanding Pain and Pain Management by Steven B. Graff-Radford, DDS. Summer 1999.
Genes and Headache by Kathy Gardner, MD. Spring 1999.
Perspectives on Managed Care by Joel Saper, MD, Roger K. Cady, MD, Ben Frishberg, MD, Jan Lewis Brandes, MD and James Adelman, MD. Spring 1998.
A Brief History of Headache by John Edmeads, MD. Spring 1997.
How Doctors Diagnose Headache by Donald Dalessio, MD. Summer 1996.

Headache Types
Mild Head Injury Can Cause Major Problems by Russell C. Packard, MD. Summer 1999.
"Is It My Neck?" Cervicogenic Headache by Nikolai Bogduk, MD. Fall 1998.
Sinus, Allergy and Headache by David Marks, MD, and Alan Rapaport, MD, Spring 1997.
Analgesic Rebound Headache by John Warner, MD. Fall 1996.
Tension-Type: The 'Other' Headache by John Edmeads, MD. Fall 1996.
Diagnosing Cluster Headache by Ninan Mathew, MD. Winter 1994.
Treating Cluster Headache by Jack Klapper, MD. Winter 1994.
Headache Following Injury by William Speed, MD. Fall 1993.
The Jaw Bone's Connected to the Head Bone: TMD and Headaches by Steven Graff-Radford, DDS. Winter 1993.

Headache Treatment
Triptan Update, edited by Stuart Tepper, MD. Spring 1999.
"Our Drug's Better Than Theirs"--Understanding Comparative Claims by David W. Dodick, MD. Spring 1999.
Preventive Medication: Finding What Works by Nabih Ramadan, MD. Winter 1998/99.
What to Take When Prevention Doesn't Work by Sheena K. Aurora, MD. Winter 1998/99.
Over-the-Counter Medications for Headache by Stephanie Gilkey, MD. Winter 1998/99.
Alternative Therapies for Headache by Alexander Muaskop, MD. Summer 1998.
Biofeedback and Relaxation Training for Headaches by Gay Lipchik, PhD. Summer 1998.
When Is It Time to Try Something New? by Thomas N. Ward, MD. Spring 1998.
The Triptans--New Options for Migraine Sufferers by Nabih Ramadan, MD. Winter 1997/98.
Treatment Options for Headache Sufferers by Miles Belgrade, MD. Spring 1996.
Behavioral and Non-Pharmacologic Treatment for Headache by Alvin Lake, PhD. Spring 1996.

Self-Care/Psychosocial Issues
Family Issues by Alvin E. Lake III, PhD. Spring 1999.
Headache Triggers: Fact or Fiction by Dawn A. Marcus, MD. Winter 1998/99.
Nutrition and Headache by Alexander Mauskop, MD. Fall 1998.
Stress and Headache by Steven M. Baskin, PhD. Fall 1998.
Coping with the Fear of Pain by Alvin E. Lake III, PhD. Spring 1998.
Headache and Sleep: The Connection by James R. Weintraub, DO. Winter 1997/98.
Realizing the Impact of Headache on Your Life by Richard B. Lipton, MD. Fall 1997.
Minimizing Weight Gain with Headache Therapy. Kerri Boutelle, PhD and Donald Penzien, PhD. Summer 1997.
Migraine's Impact on the Family by Robert Smith, MD. Summer 1997.
'Working Around' Chronic Headache by Robert Smith, MD. Winter 1996/97.
Headache at Work: Dealing with Employers and Coworkers by Jeanetta Rains, PhD. Winter 1996/97.
Headache at School by Ronald Kaiser, PhD. Winter 1996/97.
Diet and Headache by Elizabeth Loder, MD. Spring 1994.
Headache and Exercise by Kenneth Moore, MD. Spring 1994.
Travel and Headache. Summer 1996.
Family and Headache by Donald Penzien, PhD. Fall 1994.

Headache Sufferer Subgroups
Migraine and Menopause by Lynne Geweke, MD. Summer 1999.
Controlling Headache During Pregnancy by Dawn A. Marcus, MD. Fall 1997.
Headaches in the Elderly by Arthur Elkind, MD. Summer 1997.
Headache in Adolescents by Paul Winner, DO. Summer 1997.
Migraine in Children by Paul Winner, DO. Summer 1994.
Menstrual Migraine by Stephen Silberstein, MD. Winter 1992.

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