Unfortunately Gary...........

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Posted by Tracy ( on May 22, 2000 at 14:52:50:

In Reply to: Tracy, I,ve answered you down below......nt posted by Gary on May 22, 2000 at 12:41:25:

you're attitude demeans your years!

I feel you should try and get a grip on your toddler type tantrums!

as for picking a fight with me.....I am SOOOO ready for one right now!

To call someone a wop just because they called you a yank is purile in the extreme. You ARE a yank! That is a statement of fact. The same as I AM a Brit! Riccardo is NOT a wop, that is a derogatory term for someone of Italian origin.

As for the supposed insult to me.....ROFLMAO!!!!

Teeny bopper chat girlie?!!!!! Oh please BEHAVE!!! I take that as a compliment, as Im 35 year old mother of 1!!

If that's all you got Gary.....well, I stick by my first assumption of your age as being 12. the fact that is isn't your ACTUAL age, merely your emotional one, makes no difference!

As Elaine said we're sure your Mummy will be very disappointed in her little bubby boy being so mean and nasty to the kind grown ups.

Now go get your little ones to help you read this...okay gary warry?!

The most laughable thing about all this is the way you try to cover up your insults with the ambiguous way you title your posts!!!!

I'm assuming here that you DO have a backbone? I mean, it IS a bit cowardy custard to open a post so innocently and then heckle inside (I cant say insult, as I'm still laughing at my 'supposed' one)!!

I'm also assuming you're suffering from personality projection disorder? As you seem to be projecting your wimpiness onto Jonny. He's the least wimped person I know (sorry Jonny, I know you have a title at stake here!! LOL)! At least he says what he means and doesn't try to lead with a cover!

Oh, well......this little exchange has sure amused me!!

BTW, I'm here if you need me to explain the big words I used!!!


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