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Posted by Maryse ( on May 23, 2000 at 14:59:14:

"Jimi Hendrix" wrote: "I have wondered if during a cycle, there are a certain number of bad
headaches that you must get during the cycle. Having 02 to abort most of the bad ones,
it is taking longer to get the number of headaches to quit the cycle hence the cycle last longer.
*I just read this back and it makes no sense* Wish I had the fluidity of verse as others to explain myself."

Jimi: You make perfect sense to me, and I have the same theory (I'm episodic): the CH monster requires that
each episode of weeks or months contain a predetermined, fixed (grotesquely high) total level of pain that
must be endured. Abort one headache? You'll get another as "punishment" ("balance", in the monster's eyes).
Have 8s rather than 10s, for a change? Your headache period will extend by several days (or weeks).

Jimi might be on to something important here. It's as if a certain amount of
pressure has built up, pressure that must be released gradually in order not to
actually kill the victim (thus the daily increments of pain, rather than one giant explosion--
because we would in fact literally explode).

Another else have a similar impression?

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