Preventive Drugs.

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Posted by Paco ( on May 24, 2000 at 17:28:26:

The question from Christine made me think of all the stuff I have taken. In twenty years, about that many doctors have prescribed about that many different drugs, on a TRIAL AND ERROR basis. Typical scenario with new doc: Hmmmmmm. Have you tried -----fill in the blank. Not even the neurologists (I've been to about seven) have ever told me that the damn little pills would make my skin crawl, send me to the depths of depression, make me like a zombie, make me gain weight like a walrus in the Spring, damage my liver, make my joints ache, make me throw up and even cause me to have HEADACHES! I will admit only that it is possible that lithium MAY have broken my chronic CH into episodes. I know that some people swear that the preventives are holding the beast at bay, but I'm sorry, I don't believe it. I don't think anything prevents attacks. I'm even able to believe things in the face of irrefutable facts, so don't bother trying to confuse me: My mind's made up. I do believe in abortives. It's easy to believe in abortives, because they work! Imitrex makes the pain go away. Oxygen (Yay!) makes the pain go away. Sometimes, even Cholula Hot Sauce under my tongue makes the pain go away. I have read that sex can make the pain go away, and I'm perfectly willing to try that the next time the MF hits and my wife happens to be in the area. (Yes, Jack, even really old people have sex.). To summarize: Drugs SUCK! Oxygen BLOWS! A final caveat: You fucked up people keep taking all that shit, you gonna wind up looking like me.

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