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Posted by Tracy ( on May 24, 2000 at 17:32:42:

you are an incredibly capable person at dishing out 'constructive' criticism, but unfortunately you do not have the same gift for receiving it.

Of course, if medicos want to come here and look things over they're welcome. What we are trying to say is, that we don't see why we should change ourselves to 'fit in' with some criteria on what clusterheads SHOULD talk about on the MB and what content these same posts should have. The MB would not be about TRUE clusterheads and their problems/lives, it would be about a 'manufactured' stereotype to appease the media and medicos.

As to your rather acerbic comment regarding my point about it hardly changing doctors minds, I stand by it. You only have to read the terribly distressing posts by people who have run into a brick wall with the docs, to know that seeing this board, and even this site, would NOT change their minds. And yes, my gp IS included in that group. The doctors that would want to help wouldn't care about how or what we post. They would probably want an 'honest' account to base studies and reports on anyway.....not 'massaged' information to put us in a stoic, brave and heroic light to make us more appealing to help - and also to gain the interest of the media.

When I'm in the midst of a 10+ attack (more and more frequently lately), I dont feel brave or stoic. I certainly could care less what a doctor or media type thinks of me if I post here that I may kill myself.

Censorship has never been a mindset of this MB, and we don't see why it should become an influence now. We are not criticising you per se. More we are trying to make you see that what you are trying to set up could, ultimately, be the downfall of what a lot of us hold dear. This MB as a place to come and meet FRIENDS and 'FAMILY', to see how we're doing and what we need to keep going; to give sympathy and tough love in equal measure. NOT a place for victims of an illness to touch base with fellow sufferers regarding their affliction and then move on.

If you could PLEASE look past your pride, you would see that we are not attacking you - just trying to point out that we do not wish to be 'politically correct' for the sake of a few 'thought police'. That's ALL.

Take care and God bless,


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