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Posted by Ueli ( on May 24, 2000 at 20:25:55:

I did find this board in Feb. 1999, when my current cycle started. Also this cycle it still running, I have it under good control, and I can live with it, and I believe that my current medication is optimal and on the benign side (if there is such a thing). There is probably not much left re medication that would be useful for me in the near future.

I did learn some useful things here: How to use oxygen properly. That there are things called triggers; and after I identified that MSG is one for me and I learnt to avoid it, I'm doing much better. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all those who helped me to reach this.

I also liked, and participated in, the discussions of 'technical matters', and I learned as much as is possible about the mechanisms of CH. Alas, this part of the board has dwindled and is almost swamped by the proliferating trivia.

I've learnt that there are many people far worse off than me, and my empathy goes to them.

I found there is much support and compassion in this board, something I've never experienced in my live, and that's way I never felt qualified to participate in the 'touchy feelings' exchanges.

I tried to pay back some of what I had received by answering questions (in line with my limited capabilities) of others. Although, the echo to my posts has never been great, but that's ok, I never was fishing for compliments. However, the few positive responses I received were balm for my battered ego.

But my last attempt to help somebody was received with a barrage of abuse, and not just out of a moment of agonizing pain (hardly possible for a non-clusterhead), but reiterated on a day later. But the most disturbing fact is: The whole board less two (thanks jonny, Ted) apparently thought: this jerk finally got what he deserved for a long time, thank you very much! Some even stepped out of their way to kiss the ass of this STinker. Apparently it is more appropriate to pick on the poor bastard Gary (he IS a clusterhead) who made in a moment of pain some rude remarks, but since then desperately tries to get grip of straw, but nobody offers him help and many keep picking on him :-(

So, as there is nothing to be gained for me from this site and my attempts to help are not appreciated, there is only left to say:

I wish everybody much success in the fight against the demon, and farewell.

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