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Posted by Nancy ( on May 24, 2000 at 22:46:40:

I have a friend from Holland that sent me this info I thought I'd pass along.
On their TV is a documentary on Chronic Pain and one of the 4 patients they follow is a chronic cluster headache. If I understand right the cluster headache patient will be on this coming Monday. I think they are going to do some operation. You can watch it via computer. Here is what she sent me.

> documentary about living with Chronic pain, that is currently
> broadcasted on national TV.
in Holland)
> I will start with information about the TV documentary Vinger Aan de
> pols.
> 4 patients, all suffering from a severe case of Chronic pain are being
> followed for a couple of months and a compilation of their lives and
> descission making / and treatments is being broadcasted in these 4
> documentaries. I have seen the first ones and I must say it is very
> informative and giving insight to "normal" functioning people about
> the problems that occur once you are being confronted with living with
> severe chronic pain.
> One of the patients they follow is Andrea, living with her severe case
> of AD (MCS procedure)
> Another patient is a lady (church minister) suffering from (Typical)
> Trigeminal Neuralgia. (RF (Sweet) procedure)
> Another patient is a man suffering from chronic clusterheadaches
> (Horton's disease I think it is called also in the US) (Deep brain
> stimulation/stereotaxy)
> Another male is suffering from severe dystrophy after having had a foot
> injury .(spinal stimulation, and he is seriously thinking about
> amputating his leg because the dystrophy is spreading out)
The documentary can be seen/followed on the Internet for the
> ones who are able to run Real Player .
> The documentary is in Dutch so that will be a problem I think , but
> nevertheless....
> In the first episode 15th of may they followed the lady who has TN ,
> telling about her pain/ life and experiences and they followed the man
> with the dystrophy. For the people who cannot understand Dutch this
> episode will be hard to follow.
> Last Monday the second episode was broadcasted and this will be quite
> interesting for the people who are thinking about having an RF (Sweet)
> procedure done .(a type of nerve blockade) The documentary will give you
> an insight of what is happening when they perform the procedure.
> The moment of day hospitalisation for the lady starts at 2.46 seconds
> after the Realplayer starts playing this episode of the documentary.
> The RF procedure worked for the woman her TN pain. Later on in the
> documentary the woman gives an update again after a couple of months.
> She talks about how she experienced the whole procedure. Part of her
> face was still numb feeling (around the right side of her nose and
> mouth) and you can actually see this when she is talking . She was/is
> painfree and very happy about that : )
> In the next episode (coming Monday) Andrea (a lady with AD) her case will be introduced
> and they will follow the man with the clusterheadaches.
> This is the URL to go to if you want to see documentary from last
> Monday; (Sweet/Radio Frequency procedure for TN pain )
> If you have installed realplayer go to: Realvideo aflevering 22 mei
> 2000
> and it will start this episode of the documentary up.
> In case you don't have real player installed yet to your computer , you
> can download it from the web. It's shareware.

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