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Posted by Tracy ( on May 28, 2000 at 08:16:03:

These sad excuses for people are NOT going to go away.

Those of us who got off on the wrong foot (me, BIG time) and want to be accepted usually come back and apologise and we do our best to help, support and be there for others. Because at the end of the day for us it was a misunderstanding that got WAY out of hand. We want to contribute to CH. com and all it stands for. So we make amends, apologise (in my case grovel BIG time) and become part of the 'family'.

However, there are SOME that don't want to do that - they are self destructive people who can only cope with their problems, problems which involve more than ch, but attacking others.....sometimes in the vilest ways.

I say we IGNORE them....the only way they can justify their feeble existence is to attack others. The internet is a powerful we can be ANYONE we want, we tell people anything about ourselves and they have to believe us. I could say Im married to Russell Crowe (Im not, before someone rushes to National Enquirier!), and you'd be obliged to believe me (okay,maybe not that...but you get what Im saying).

They can be whoever they want and as anonymous as they want. They can stalk, attack and be gone before we realise who they truly are.

The only way to stop them is to take away their power. To do that you must get them where it hurts the most...their EGOS. To do that you must IGNORE them. They cannot goad what does not react. They cannot retaliate against nothing......

So what do you say guys, we cut them off where it hurts?!

Of course I might need someone to remind me of this, the next time one of them has a go at any of you, but Im willing to give this a try - are you?

Anyway, as to those of you that are part of this.......unstable (I think that's the kindest word to use)element - DONT think Im a wuss, coz Im not Im just tired of you taking up valuable MB space.

So guys, let me know what you think about this idea to chop these...people....out.......

Take care and God bless,


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