some good news, and some bad (damn, I thought they were going away)

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Posted by tamlas ( on June 07, 2000 at 01:08:33:

Hi! It has been a while since i have posted, so many of you may not remember me. I only seem to post when I'm totally losing it Such is the case again tonight. I had hoped to report happy news this time, but my plans have gone awry. To back up slightly, I have been chronic for the last 2 years, and having a very hard time dealing with life. My husband does not understand, and resents the fact that things have changed. I am still employed as a financial advisor, but it's touch and go. I desperstely want to have a life again, and to that end have looked for some alernatives. Last year went to a clinic in Houston that helped, but never totally. Am currently back up to 4-5 clusters/day and a couple of 3 day migraines a month. This is better than before, and have been able to gain some weight, so am not in danger of starving to death any more. Recently began acupuncture treatment: due to other complications, I am unable to take any other meds besides painkillers (narcotics) which i hate. Was so encouraged the first acupuncture visit, thought i might have the cure. (Did help the migraine immensely, but not much luck w/ clusters, or long term effects. so am disappointed again. Planning to attend the convention in August, but not sure if I can hold up that long. I hate my life, and am about ready to do whatever I need to escape the pain. Am sick of drugs, can't think, but sometimes the only way to deal with the pain. Fortunately have found a pretty good Md, who first agrees with my diagnosis
(of the eight doctors or more I have seen, he is one of three who believes that women can in fact have clusters. One of these three is unsure why they would last this long, has never heard about chronic apparently, and thought I must be faking to get more drugs . Meanwhile, my husband can't wait till I'm well enough that he can live with himself and file divorce, and my kids (13 &17) are just sick of the whole thing. Sorry to whine on so long, you all have been so helpful before, and I desperately need help now. I really think there has to be more to life, but sure doesn't seem like it right now. Any words of encoursgement woud be appreciated, and would love to hear from anyone who has tried acupuncture. Thanks for everything, Tami

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