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Posted by knucklehead ( on June 08, 2000 at 16:46:37:

i have recently found this site and believe it is a God send. I am a 45 yr/o male that has suffered for 30 yrs. CH's and migrains. i will take a migrain over a CH any day. i have had one or two a day for a month now. only 3 total days with none. last night was almost painless. i woke up in time to medicate. 800mg ibuprophine. thank God thats all i needed. night time is scary. hearing the alarm dont sound real. waking up in the morning and wondering did i have one or not, is this a dream and its really not that late did the demon come to visit yet or is this real..?
Sometimes it comes with no warning and other times i have a couple of minutes to prepare. they come on the right side behind my eye and feels like it wants to blind me, eating away at the soft tissue then to only work around to my right ear. there has been a few times where i have one on both sides at the same time. i want to hold my breath till i explode. then i gasp for air and try to play dead to trick the demon so he will leave. then he grabs me harder to make sure i'm not dead and then it knows!! It has me for a long time. minutes or hours, time seems to stand still. the second hand on the clock is moving backwards, then i realize i am upsidedown with my head hanging off the couch. soon, exhaustion overcomes and i just lay there wondering if it will end. and thats just the first 5 minutes.

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