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Posted by Denice ( on June 21, 2000 at 22:34:23:

In Reply to: Dunno posted by Ted on June 21, 2000 at 20:22:37:

The first attack I had was last June. I was standing in line in the garden dept of Lowes with a big cart full of flowers. When it hit I thought someone had ran into my head with a steel pole hanging out of their cart but when I turned my head there was nothing there. I felt dazed, I dropped the handle to my cart and walked to my car (it was the first car in the row). I woke up in my car about 45 minutes later with drool on my face. I drove home and fell asleep. Looking back now I realize how odd it was that I had fell asleep in the car in a parking lot but at the time it did not register. When I went to work the next morning I realized I could not read the computer, my co-workers noticed my eye. They insist I see a doctor. Of course he is not available so I was seen by a nurse practioner, who told me I had a migraine and prescribed zomeg. I took the zomig and slept. During that week it seemed like it was a constant attack. One minute I feel okay (still look goofy) then the next minute -wham-, like a icepick in the side of my head and my vision would fade to grey. It felt like series of little ones for about 3 days. By the second day my friends insist I see a eye doctor. I was not able to see him until 5 days after this nightmare begin. He took one look at me and had me in with a nuero-opthmalogist by the end of the day. They did a MRI/MRA with circle of wilis, cartiod dopler, and an eye angigram. The nuero-opt got me in with a nuerologist by the second day and told me not to take the ZOMEG. So actually I probably had only about 5 days without any kind of meds.
Once I started the meds, the neurologist kept changing them around until finally I was not experiencing anything. I did notice that at one point the icepick feeling was replaced by a blow to the back of base of my skull (I think that was when I was on a low dose of verapamil but I can't remember). So what do you think? I am I going to go blind?

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