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Posted by Chris ( on June 22, 2000 at 09:17:10:

In Reply to: Leaving the board.... posted by hub on June 22, 2000 at 08:18:59:

Hub - I take your point about the myriads of people from all walks of life who are CH sufferers. Don't get me wrong - I don't judge people by their background colour religion or whatever (or at least I try hard not to). All I'm asking for is a little more thought for the rest. It's one thing for those who obviously know each other to have fun with each other but would ask that we all think twice before going off the deep end at someone.

Would you be prepared to make a post somewhere new if you thought that it might bring a tirade of invective?

I am not shocked at the depravity of life as you put it - while I would prefer less cussing (kids use the board too and as a parent I'd prefer that they weren't exposed - but then, just look at TV these days! :-( ). But then, cussing is part of life and sometimes helps when you are in the depths.

I fail to see how attacking people for well meant (if sometimes misguided?) advice/support helps one to cope with the demon though. Maybe it's the 'lashing out' syndrome? I don't know. It is tempting to lash out when in pain (be real careful about approaching an unknown injured dog).

Just spare a thought for those (probably also suffering) who may not be immediately obvious to you (no, not you personally Hub - this is not an attack on you or your response in any way shape or form) who may be out there watching and contemplating looking here for support.

Since we all seem to have a common cause here, and are used to fighting the ignorance out there regarding our condition, I did feel that perhaps we could be more tolerant of each other. You know, kind of stick together rather than in-fight? At least in public- as I said earlier, if you have REAL problem with a particular post why not deal with it off line rather than publically denigrating someone?

Or is that too radical? Tell me if it is and I'll go away a tad more cynical than I already am.

Best regards all, Chris.

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