Yes Flash can explain it :)

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Posted by Flash ( on June 26, 2000 at 12:19:40:

In Reply to: message from Flash.....can anyone explain it to me? posted by Tracy on June 23, 2000 at 16:05:24:

Other people might have stood a better chance if you'd printed it's context though. In other words that it was in reply to what you described as an err 'kick up the arse' to CarlD.

This is my understanding of sociopath. It's probably wrong and no doubt someone will put me straight. A sociopath is someone who treats other people with toys. A person may or may not be aware that they are a sociopath. A psychopath is a violent sociopath. See Bundy, Ted for more detailed description.

The point I was making is that in your open letter to CarlD, you seemed to have forgotten that he was another person. Something I found weird about it was that there was no actual posts from CarlD himself in a 4 day radius to yours. Just like the post by you that I am replying to now... That makes me suspicious of your motives. Was the open letter to CarlD intended as a pep talk or the start of a pecking party? <--- that's a rhetorical question, I realise you have already posted your appologies and goodbye/no wait I'm back again, related to this subject.

The next line was a metaphor for the 'do unto others as you would like done to you' bible thing. It was intended to provoke your thoughts on how you'd like it if someone treated you the way you'd treated CarlD. For this to be sucessful you have to imagine yourself in various states of mind like depressed suicidal etc. and imagine the effect such a pep talk would have.

The God bless at the end was sarcasm.

The reason I'm annoymous is that I can't be arsed filling in my email address AND I don't want you emailing me back.

Fact is I am in a bad mood and have been for the last few weeks. I took some of it out on you because you went for an easy target yourself. To be honest I shouldn't have, because that isn't what this board is for, and last time people behaved like this (about 12 months ago) DJ took it offline. So what say we just let it drop and ignore each other.

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