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Posted by Miguel ( on June 27, 2000 at 18:24:12:

In Reply to: Alternate Viagra Products posted by Nancy on June 27, 2000 at 16:57:20:

Well, since we are on the subject, the following also work
quite well:

Whinnyagra - Self-explanatory

Menstruagra - Self-Explanatory

Headagra - for when the CH attack occurs in bed, but just
prior to going to sleep and REM.

ERA-AGRA - If more women took this, less lawyers
would make a living, and more women would have to work
for a living when on their own.

Alimony-agra - Self-explanatory (See ERA-Agra).

Pregnantagra - For those that feel that a 6 month
leave of absence due to child birth only applies to
women (see ERA-AGRA)

Childagra - Incorrectly described in the original post,
should be taken in massive doses every time one thinks
of using child birth and rising, and children in
general to get their way with someone, the courts, child support
increases (see ERA-Agra).

Bitchy-agra - For those that get angry when hubby
has an original thought and follows through in seeing
it done (wihtout consulting with the "other" half).

Honey-do-Agra - For those that are not satisfied if they are not
bossing poor hubby around to demonstrate power without accountability.

Lying-agra - Self Explanatory.

Faking-it-agra - See Lying-agra.

My-child-should-be-in-einstein-level-school-agra. It would
stop making the lives of those in the school board so
miserable from all the moms that failed to take any of the above, which
happen to be part of the 99 percentile that think
that their children are little walking and breathing
re-encarnations of A. Einstein minus the mustache.

Visa-agra. When u earn it u can spend it, charge it and pay for it too.

Credit-limit-agra. No, hubby will not cover yer butt any more once
u realize that there is a credit limit to every credit card and checking

Just a few of the 60,000 of 70,000 other options to

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