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Posted by Joey Lynn ( on July 02, 2000 at 02:28:02:

In Reply to: trigger posted by Sandeha on June 30, 2000 at 14:09:16:

My absolute trigger is alcohol during a cycle of the attacks. One drink and I am done. The other thing that I suspect is processed meat like bacon, restuarant ham(for sandwiches)-stuff like that. I have had a remission of 1 year and 7 months to date (knock on wood)...and while I hope it continues-I believe from past experiences that when it comes back-it will be with a vengeance. For all you sufferers and spouses out there {{{{hugs}}}} it is probably the most painful thing known to afflict man regularly. And, while we the sufferers hurt-our spouses are under just as must stress-because they can't make it better or even imagine the pain...try as they might. This type of headache is compared to the pain of having a limb amputated without anesthetic...would that limb be the head(I know, the head is not a limb-except during an attack-when we would all probably gladly amputate it)? Well, I can believe and emphathize with that. I tell people that I have not only given birth with less pain-but have also been through a serious auto accident with less pain. And people continue to compare it with migraines. Oh, my God...I can't help but think-compact your migraine pain and have it happen 7-10 times a day...then you might be there. And, I believe that our pain is worse than any migraine...and, they get drugs that knock them out for hours at a time. I get blood pressure lowering drugs (my blood pressure is already low 100/60) and a 16/day barbituate habit-during the cycle. Yes I really do get up to 16 pills a day. During my last cycle my DR wouldn't let me inject Imitrex-because I have too many a day-he did give me the pill though. I took one and it screwed me up-heart palpitations...I had to lie down on the floor for 1/2 hour-still not sure if it worked for the headache. Anyone else get really "weird" effects from Imitrex? I was taking about 16 Butalbital a day at that point though. Thanks for reading through my rambling-God be with you all-and may remission come soon! Take Care Joey

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