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Posted by Flash ( on July 07, 2000 at 16:57:46:

In Reply to: previous posts from Flash posted by Kim on July 06, 2000 at 22:31:11:

The Doc was interested but not blown away. He asked if I'd tried methysergide, so he obviously didn't read the whole email...

However I think you'll find that the random drug testing at work (that I am also exposed to) will not detect psilocilin. You can check this out on the drug test FAQ (it is acurate and will dispel most of the myths about testing). I think I posted something on this a while back.

LSD can be tested for, but only with a GC/MS test (and they won't give you one of those unless your EMIT comes up positive. The GC/MS costs $800 per pop! The EMIT costs $40. Your employer would have to ask the lab to specifically check for LSD since it isn't easy to find. Also contrary to popular belief it doesn't live in your brain, it is metabolised within 4 days. Bearing in mind that the dose required is 10000 times lower than any other drug I doubt they'd find it. I doubt it so much that I take this risk every 6 months.

The shrooms are hard to get hold of, and I think that what some people round here have taken haven't been the right shrooms. Those in the know have all been sucessful, amatuers haven't. My guess is that they are being ripped off. LSD is much easier to identify, and virtually impossible to confuse with another drug. EROWID can help you here. It is available in most dubious bars virtually anywhere in the world. If you get so desperate that you resort to this treatment (and for soemone who hasn't dabbled believe me that's pretty damn desperate) then I suggest you take that route.

I am concerned by people trying to find shrooms, because they are easily confused with the wrong type, and mistakes can be fatal, especially in the US, here in the UK it's a bit safer.

Hope this helps.


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