Grasping at straws

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Posted by Kim ( on July 09, 2000 at 13:01:45:

I have come to the conclusion that I will latch onto most anything to try to explain why this happens. I have become so mentally tired (due mainly to other this in my life at this time coupled with trying to cope with this demon) that I am open to trying almost anything to rid myself of this torture ( capsaicin cream up the nose 3X daily, drinking enough water to float a battleship, started magnesium 3 days ago .. now I'm dying with heartburn, starting to eye cow paddies on the side of the road for fungal growths lol ). At this time I would like to throw out a few thoughts of my own.
First let me ask why the questions about eye color on the surveys and what the heck is a leonlike(?) apperance?
I have noticed several things over the years that make me go hmm. Two of these things I have already discussed with others. First is this irregularity thing .. for me it's frequent constipation, gas and indigestion during a cycle (this of course gets worse with time because .. even though I know it doesn't help .. I feel compelled to use asprin, tylenol, etc.)
Second, I get this stiff neck thing going .. it will pop when I turn my head. The thing I didn't say during this discussion was that the sternocleidomastoid muscle (runs from behind the ear down to the collerbone) gets as hard as a rock during a HA and is noticeably tight all during a cycle; you can actually see it protrude. My jaws stays clenched most of the time during cycle and I would imagine that the semspinalis capitis (runs from occipital bone at the base of the skull to the base of the neck) would bounce a quarter real nicely too.
Has anyone else noticed that their 7th cervical vertebrae protrudes worse than "normal" folks?
My sinuses are horrible all year round, I'm a mouth breather when I sleep (this causes me to drool worse than Pavlov's dogs ... hard on the pillow you know).
I wake up during the night KNOWING that I'm choking to death ( a few sips of water to restore moisture to my throat and a couple of seconds to reassure myself that I am still breathing and back to sleep till next time ).
I have this "mad spot" a red birthmark between my eyes that is only slightly visible until I am ticked off or until I am inflicted with pain .. then it glows. It seems to be more noticeable at all times during a cycle. ( Anyone else with this anomaly? )
My temperature is never 98.6 unless I'm sick .. it's normally about 97.4.
When I get tired my back hurts right between my shoulder blades (a place I am compelled to place an ice bag when I can sit still during a CH).
My second toe is longer than my big toe .. on both feet (LOL) .. you get the point. As for triggers, it seems that the mere act of being is a trigger ... any and everything seems to have triggered an attack at one time or another. But all kidding aside has anyone else noticed these things?

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