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Posted by Trick Dacy ( on July 11, 2000 at 02:39:42:

Hello all, I’m new to this board. My doctor and my veterinary have diagnosed me, I have Cluster Headaches.

Anyway I was pretty sure to have those before, I have read this board for long time.
I’m writing this under a KIP 10, because it last (as usual) for 24 hours. Yes these clusters are really annoying. I already take 2 aspirin in 20 hours, and is still at 10. My head hurts terribly… oh wait, I have to look at the cooking…...here again... And every time I try to sleep, I have to wait 5 mins before falling asleep.

At work is terrible: at this KIP 10 I cannot drink my coffee quickly, and also I cannot laugh at every joke of my colleagues for the terrible pain.

My colleagues ask me for "what is this terrible pain?" and I answer CH, they do not understand, they say I have migraines, but I cannot attend at my little hobbies here, like killing flies with the hand, make paper airplanes, and so on. I CANNOT! You know well the terrible pain in the eye: I cannot fold the paper wings properly. Under KIP 10 they fly also very badly.

My attacks last normally 2 days at KIP 10, then 2 other days at kip 5. I have no more sexual life: I cannot do more than 12 sexual "entertainments" per night with my wife when I’m at 10! And she don't understand my pain!
I have, sometimes, love with my parrot, because she is very nice, and understand my pain.

I tried also chilled O2 (thanks KIP), but the balloons freeze and don’t fly at well. But the cats are happy for the new game.

My cycle lasts 3 months a week, with a pain free time of 12 years per hour (ooops what time is it now?!?) When in remission I can drive my truck better than in cycle. At KIP 10 the streets seems me a bit more narrow….
The beer help me a lot during these attacks, and sometimes Chinese food helps me also.

How can I deal with this thing more? 24 hours and still at 10 while I’m writing…. Oh wait…the phone….. one friend of mine, asking for a trip on helicopter…. Not sure if I will accept, under a KIP 10 the helicopter noise is a bit annoying.

I’m so happy to found all you sufferers, now I feel me better. This terrible pain is truly unbearable!….. Oh sorry, my friends are arrived for poker, I have to left this board.
I hope this pain stops quickly, I cannot see the other’s cards in the mirror, the eye pain is terrible…..Yes, yes the whisky is on the shelf, I will arrive soon friends.
Sorry friends, I did not resist to write these stupidities…. Too much posts like this in the last month.
A ciao from ……….Riccardo, the serial kisser :-)
PS: this is a joke for the FEW people that enter here with no idea of what is CH, and having not this pain. It is not absolutely intended for ANY newbie that have really CH, and they are unfortunately more and more!

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