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Posted by ADame ( on July 15, 2000 at 10:32:59:

Been a long time since I did any posting...However, for the last 3 weeks I have been having symptoms of the Demon's reappearing. One episode (read my post about the cop looking right at me a few days ago) and other tell-tell signs....Like stiff neck....very stiff...lots of pressure in my head...After about 4 holes of golf yesterday afternoon (96 degree weather and 70+% humidity) my head began to hurt some over left eye or through it...Took Tylenol, several things to ward it off....Bending over was very difficult...being very gentle....just never developed full blown...drank lots and lots of water also...partly for the heat and mostly for the head....After we finished Taco Bell was my destination. Sometimes spicy things or very hot things help...I eat lots of Chineese Hot Sause, hot green peppers out of the garden, spicy things always...seems like I read it helps, or that I think it helps....either way....I try anything legal to get relief or preventative. Whatever, I made it through the night without a CH....Other than the episode 3 weeks ago...I haven't had a CH since September....So, I guess it is about that time. I had gone 3 years before pain-free.

So, here I am again.....my support board trying to learn preventative measures, refresh my memory on what works, and what doesn't....new meds....just anything....Also sharing a little bit of knowledge from my 36+ years experience of suffering from CH....I have had them since I was 12 or 13...Can't remember, but do know I was officially diagnosed with CH in 1974...Before they said just migranes...However, now my neuro agrees that I am combination migrane and CH. I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE>>>>>>no comparison.

For the new kids on the block....I hid this dark secret. I have been dating the same man for 11 years and he didn't know....My son always took care of me during an attack...You see, I am episodic and nocturnal, so the time of choice for the demon to come-a-calling was between 2-6 a.m. so my guy wasn't here....My son was use to it...He always heard me up in the bathroom, crying, wishing I would die, throwing up in a towel, rug, etc.....cold water, ice, walking, banging, all the really nasty stuff...by the way my choice of position was on the cold tiled bathroom floor...wretching. May sound stupid, but somehow the cold tile was comfort, if you can have any during these attacks. Back on December 28, 1998, my secret was out in plain view. My guy happened to come unexpectedly and I was full-blown, about a 12 on the Kip Scale and no where to hide. I never want anyone to see me like that, let alone him...He did and he still loves me anyway. It scared him to death...He knew I had bad headaches, but not like that...If I had one, I would just ask him not to come over that I was in bed, not feeling good....(boy was that an understatement)The cat-was out-of-the bag now, he thought I had already had a stroke.....so, off to the ER we went...so now he knows. That episode lasted 12 days and the longest I had ever experienced one (with not one day in between with no headache at all not even shadows) had been 3 days but I was hospitalized on heavy meds then. It was my guy that suggested I get on the net and see if I could find any information about CH and I found this wonderful site....Thank you D.J. I have learned more from this site than from all the years I had suffered in the dark alone...I never thought I would ever talk to another human being that felt the pain I had, let alone actually meet someone as wonderful as Kip, Elaine & Claudette...Doc Greg was wonderful in answering medical questions (before he had his own site) Thanks so much for all the support from all the family...E-mails, phone calls, etc. mean so much...I could never repay you for the comfort you have given me in the past.

Sorry, you guys know I am long winded, but hard to put into words....Just hanging out taking it easy trying to avoid triggers....no chocolate, cheese, afternoon sun, heat & glare for a while....Just trying to ward him off this time...Pray for me that he passes me up this time. Didn't even try to play golf with my friends today....too much of a risk at this time...Not worth it either....

A Blast From The Past - ADame

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